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Churchill Archives Centre: College archive collecting policy

Collecting Policy – College Archives

This document should be read in conjunction with the main Churchill Archives Centre Collecting Policy. The information below expands on, and where contradictory, supersedes, the information in the equivalent section of the main Policy in the case of the archive of Churchill College itself (‘the College Archive’ hereafter).

1. Methods of acquisition

The majority of material acquired for the College Archive is derived from the activities of the various departments of Churchill College. Certain record series are identified as having historic or evidential value by the College Records Manager, which are then routinely passed to the College Archive at the end of their retention period. 

The College Archive also accepts material from College members, former College members and 3rd parties where it relates to the College itself.

2. Criteria for selection

The College Archive expects to accept all material offered by Churchill College, as determined by the College Records Manager. 

When material is offered by (former) College members and 3rd parties, it will be judged by the criteria as set out in the main Collecting Policy: 

3.6 The history of Churchill College, especially the personal papers of prominent figures connected with Churchill College, and records of life at college.

3. Format and types of material

While the primary material offered to the College Archive is determined by the College Records Manager, the Archives Centre seeks to acquire the following material for the College Archive: 

4. Deaccessioning

Deaccessioning material from the College Archive requires the consent of the relevant College Officer, as well as that of the Archives Committee when a significant amount of material is being considered. Deaccessioning should be performed on a series, rather than item, basis; e.g. deaccessioning all files arising from a given business process, rather than singling out individual files within a series. As all other material arising from College processes is destroyed at the end of its retention period, such material de-accessioned from the College archive should be destroyed. 

In the case of material which did not arrive in the College Archive via the College’s Record Retention process (eg that from (former) members and 3rd parties), the general Archives Centre policy of informing the depositors or their heirs should be followed.

Written by: Chris Knowles
Date: 13 December 2019
Date of next review: October 2020

Further Information

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Churchill Archives Centre
Telephone (01223) 336175