Computing Support

A wireless network operates throughout the main buildings including the bar, the libraries and the theatre, and throughout all of the staircases, the Sheppard Flats, the Wolfson Flats and the College hostels on Storey’s Way.

This facility is provided by the University Wireless system, which gives access to the Eduroam, UniOfCam, UniOfCam-Guest and UniOfCam-IoT networks.

Every student room on-site has a wired connection to the College network, including all of the hostels on the main College site. These connections give access to Churchill’s computing facilities, and also to the University and to the Internet. Those hostels not on the main College site are provided with wireless broadband connections.

Connecting to File Store and Printing Services

Connecting to DS-Filestore CIFS Service

University Information Services (UIS) provides members with a personal space on the DS-Filestore. You can use the DS-Filestore CIFS Service to connect your personal machine to this space directly. This is particularly recommended for backing up your work.

Setting up DS-Filestore


Printers in the College

Connecting to DS-Print

The College uses DS-Print, also provided by the UIS, to enable members to use the College printers. The printers at the College can be used from  both Desktops and Laptops by installing the DS-Print utility available in the link below.

The printers can also be used from computers running Linux; if you wish to do so please also refer to the macOS instructions as they will provide the SMB shares and general process that you will need to adapt for your distribution.

Setting up printing for Windows

Setting up printing for macOS


You can print to the College printers when connected to the Academic Network in a College room, or the UniOfCam or Eduroam wireless services. The College currently has the following printers available to its members on DS-Print. These are as follows:

LocationPrinter ModelDS-Print Queue NameFeatures
LLoyds RoomHP LaserJet M605dnChu-LloydsDuplex (double-sided) printing
Pepperpots LadserHP LaserJet M605dnChu-PepperpotsDuplex (double-sided) printing
Library Landing PhotocopierSharp MX-3071Chu_Library_LandingDuplex (double-sided) printing , A3 Printing, Colour Printing
Club Room Landing PhotocopierSharp MX-3071Chu_Club_Room_LandingDuplex (double-sided) printing , A3 Printing, Colour Printing
Senior Combination Room Laser (only available to SCR)HP LaserJet M605dnChu_SCRDuplex (double-sided) printing

Anti-Virus Software and Security

It is very important that you install anti-virus software on your computer if such software is available for your operating system. This applies particularly to Windows machines. When you install anti-virus software you must be sure to configure it to update itself automatically.

The University has a site license for McAfee VirusScan. This is available on the University Computing Service website:

Free Anti-Virus support

It is also very important that you keep your computer up to date with security patches. In particular, if you are using Windows you must make sure you have Windows Updates turned ON, and install Microsoft Update to check for updates for other Microsoft products such as Office. For MacOS X you must ensure that your Mac is set to automatically check for updates, and you must install updates when prompted by the Software Update application. For other operating systems you must check regularly by one means or another to ensure you have all relevant updates installed.

Ban on use of Peer-to-peer (P2P) filesharing software

Please remember that you are NOT allowed to use peer-to-peer filesharing programs such as BitTorrent, KaZaA, eDonkey, Gnutella, Limewire or Direct Connect on the College network. The use of all such programs has been banned by the College Council.

P2P Network Policies