Newly catalogued and opened material

Due to the Archives Centre's continuing cataloguing programme, we are making more material available to researchers all the time. Additions continue to be made to our miscellaneous papers (MISC) and to the Additional Churchill Papers (WCHL). Papers which have been closed are also opened regularly, mainly in January each year.

In 2003 the Archives Centre began a programme to provide online information on all our collections. By May 2004 we had information available for 50 per cent of these. By February 2005 this number was up to 70 per cent and we finally achieved our goal of 100 per cent by February 2006. These online finding aids are available on the Janus webserver which provides access to catalogues of archives and manuscripts held in Cambridge.

The following list of newly-available papers, which will continue to be updated as more papers are opened up, only includes openings or new cataloguing of significant amounts of material: for the full list of our collections, see our Full Guide.

Guide to holdings