Covid-19 Update

Due to the latest government update the College is now closed to all but essential staff. If you are a staff member and are unsure about your status, please remain at home and contact your head of department. If you need help with logging into the Staff Area with your Raven ID, please click here.


All new first-year undergraduates at Churchill College are ordinarily expected to live in College. Any student wishing to live outside College must seek advanced permission from the Senior Tutor. This will be given only under exceptional circumstances.

Rooms Ballot

The rooms ballot, in which Churchill first years choose their rooms, will be run in late August/early September you will be contacted by the Tutorial Office after places have been confirmed. Unconditional offer holders and gap year students will also be contacted at that time.

The Undergraduate Handbook (White book) and Accommodation Handbook are available for you to read online (updated for the coming academic year in late summer). Please take time to go through both; you will receive a copy of the Accommodation Handbook when you arrive.

Undergraduate Handbook

Accommodation Handbook

How to apply for accommodation

Churchill College can accommodate all its Freshers in College rooms. We expect all Freshers to live in College, and if you do not wish to do so you must get prior permission from the Senior Tutor.

In order to allocate your accommodation, we run an online rooms ballot. In order to make your choices on the website, you must enter a user ID and a password. You will receive these in late August, along with the web address, to access the ballot website. Having reviewed the rooms available (you will receive details of price, room size, en suite etc), you then enter five room choices in order of preference. As long as you enter your room choices before the ballot closes you will have exactly the same chance of obtaining your first-choice room whenever you make your choice; picking rooms early makes no difference.

If you have special requirements which you have not informed us about already, please contact Louise or Stephanie in the Tutorial Office, as soon as possible.

Please be aware that not everyone is allocated the room that they would ideally like as some rooms are more popular than others. This is especially true of en suite rooms and smaller rooms (whose rents are at the lower end of the range). If you wish to live in a cheaper room but fail to secure one please remember that the College is able to provide students suffering from financial hardship with some additional support. If during your time in College you find yourself in this situation, you should apply for help via your College Tutor. No financial help is available at this stage. The results of the rooms ballot will be available online a few days after the closing date and a formal room licence will be sent to you before you come into residence.

You should be able to live in College for the duration of your undergraduate degree course if you wish.

Types of rooms

College rooms are generous in size and were built around the same time, apart from the most recent accommodation Cowan Court (completed in 2016). They all have wooden floors and plain walls. Every room has a wash basin and nearly half have an en suite shower room. All undergraduate rooms are in the heart of the College within about 300m of the dining hall and library. 

Every College room is furnished with a fitted wardrobe, bed, chair, desk, bookcase, coffee table and armchair as a minimum. A mattress cover, duvet (quilt), pillow and a spare top-blanket will be provided as standard in each room, and the College will supply further blankets if you wish. You will need to bring bed linen (we recommend two sets) and towels with you.

Bed Linen

The College does not supply bed linen as most students prefer to either bring their own or, alternatively, purchase a bedding pack from us. Please use the bedding pack form below for more information and ordering details.

Bedding pack form

Please note: bedding forms should be returned by 14 September 2020 or within three weeks of your arrival date at the latest to:

Tutorial Officer
Churchill College
CB3 0DS 

Or email these forms to Gemma Turner at

The rooms are arranged on staircases (except in Cowan Court), there are between ten and twenty rooms on most staircases. On all staircases, men and women are mixed according to the room choices they have made. Every staircase has a bathroom, at least one shower room and a kitchen with a sink, fridge, microwave and hob for making snack meals; some have two snack kitchens. You may want to bring a pan and a small amount of cutlery and crockery with you. The kitchen is on the first floor on most staircases.

There are also four laundrettes in the College in which washing machines, tumble dryers and irons are available for common use. 

All accommodation is non-smoking.

Conditions of residence

Undergraduates are charged for three Periods of Residence of 70 days each during the year. This means that you only have to pay 30 weeks of rent a year. We are able to do this because, out of Term, the College is used for paying guests and conferences. Students benefit from the profits of our conference trade in various ways, including a substantial subsidy to the rents charged for College rooms. The Period of Residence means that students can stay in College for almost a week either side of Term. However, if you occupy an en suite room you will be required to move to a standard room (on a lower rent) after the end of Term.

All students may be asked to move temporarily to another room under special circumstances, such as if their room needs urgent redecoration. It is a condition of residence in College that students must be prepared to move for such reasons when asked to do so by the Accommodation Officer.

Officially all College accommodation is catered and up to four meal sessions are available each day in Hall at a subsidised price for College members. Food is also available in the Buttery Bar. You can charge meals taken to your College termly account.

Charges for accommodation

The rents of the available rooms for 2020/2021 will range from £ to £ a week (depending on the room). So the total cost for the 30-week minimum period range between £ to £. Residence in College for a longer period is subject to availability and incurs an additional charge (currently £ a day), however where a student's usual room is available they will stay in that room at their usual rent. Priority will be given to overseas students and those with study needs. Heating is included in your rent as is your IT connection. There are no other fixed charges other than a small charge of £ p.a.for insurance and a termly charge for electricity use in your room, which is metered charged at p per unit (which typically amounts to £25-£45 per term)..


All student rooms have free secure wifi access but are also fitted with an Ethernet (RJ45) connection that enables the occupant to connect his or her own computer to the College network and wireless access if they wish. 

The College also has about twenty PCs which any student may use, in two computing rooms. The College is connected to the Cambridge University Data Network, through which access may be obtained to the facilities provided by the College, the University Computing Service, many University Departments, and to the Internet at large.  


The College provides either a piano or a high-quality electronic keyboard on loan for all students reading Music. It also has a small number of pianos and electronic keyboards available for hire to students irrespective of the subject they are reading, and there are practice rooms in the Music Centre., which any student can use as well as the recording studio.

Students who are not reading Music will have to meet the costs incurred by the College in having a piano or electronic keyboard in their room (currently £40 per Term). Please note — if you include a piano room in your choices, you are agreeing to pay £40 per Term for piano hire. If you are interested in hiring an electronic keyboard from the College, please email the Tutorial Administrator, Stephanie Cook.


There is reasonable mobile telephone access throughout the College.


College Owned Fridges

There are a limited number of quiet, low energy, leak-proof fridges available to hire for £ a week for a minimum of 10 weeks.

In order to apply for a fridge, students need to complete and return a fridge application form from the Porters’ Lodge and then return it to the Conference/Accommodation pigeon hole in the Porters’ Lodge. Typically forms are available from the Lodge on Monday after UK students arrive on Saturday; fridges are allocated on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to students with medical (confirmed by the College nurse) or religious reasons. Please check the deadline for your application when you collect the form.

Rooms in Cowan Court have a permanent small fridge in the wardrobe - this will be included in the rent.

Student Owned Fridges

If you wish to bring your own fridge into your room, you must complete and return a fridge application form from the Porters’ Lodge and then return it to the Conference/Accommodation pigeon hole in the Porters’ Lodge.

In addition, you have to ensure that the fridge is placed on a waterproof tray and that it has been PAT tested. A £50 refundable deposit charge will be added to your College account. This is to cover the cost of disposal in the event that your fridge may be left on College premises after your departure.  If you are an undergraduate, fridges may be left clean, empty and switched off over the Christmas and Easter vacation at your own risk. Cleaning charges will apply for all fridges left dirty. All fridges must be removed over the summer vacation.


For all room ballot and accommodation enquiries please contact Louise Ranger or Stephanie Cook: