Luca D'Agliano Scholarship

The Scholarship, up to a maximum of £500, is open to any registered Postgraduate Student who is pursuing a course of research in the area of development economics. The Scholarship may be used either to support expenses in Cambridge, or for fieldwork elsewhere.

Luca D’Agliano was an undergraduate at Churchill College in 1980-83. He died in 1984. The Scholarship was set up by his parents, as a memorial to Luca, and a continuation of his work in development economics.

The awarders are asked to consider both the financial need and academic merit of applicants.

Applicants must complete the form below, and supervisors must respond to the submission by deadline of Dec 9th 2023

Luca D'Agliano Scholarship

Your Supervisor will need to approve the request against a number of criteria. When you submit this form, the details you enter on this form will also be shared with your Supervisor.
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