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Visiting the Archives Centre

The Churchill Archives Centre is currently running a restricted reading room service. We will continue to offer a limited but free copying and enquiry service and welcome enquiries sent to

We are currently limiting the number of tours and group visits we can offer, and will prioritise educational groups. For more information email Dr Amanda Jones.

Summary of what we are offering researchers


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What do I need to know before visiting? 


Some of our procedures have changed in response to the ongoing public health situation. In addition to the Centre's normal regulations, visitors will be required to wear face coverings (unless exempt as per previous Government advice), and should observe social distancing. Further details are provided below; if you have any questions, or if you need assistance with any aspect of your visit, please let us know and we will try to confirm the necessary arrangements and assist where we can.

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What services will be available for visiting researchers?


The services we can offer researchers have been reviewed in detail by our team and will continue to be reviewed to keep staff and visitors safe.

All services may be subject to change or even cancellation at short notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

Research desk

A desk will be reserved for each researcher and an allocated trolley will be placed near the desk with their pre-ordered documents.


Lockers are available just outside the Reading Room for storage of all items not required for your research.

Catering facilities

Lunch can be purchased in the College main hall, where readers can also take their own food, and the College bar (buttery) is also open and can be used by readers.


College’s ‘top car park’ at the far end of the site is available [see plan]. Visitors with a ‘blue badge’, or similar needs, may also be able to park in designated spaces. Please confirm requirements in advance.

Helping with on-site research

We can answer enquiries in our reading room but would like to limit direct contact between staff and researchers. We will have staff available to monitor and respond to enquiries you might have during the day. These queries will initially be answered by e-mail (


You will be able to use your personal electronic devices to connect to our wifi. We can supply wifi codes for researchers on demand.

Taking digital photos

Researchers can continue to take digital photographs for their personal research, in line with copyright regulations as set out in our registration form.

Services not currently available

Microfilm resources are not available. It may be possible to print specific items for researchers.

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Rules in the Reading Room


For the security and preservation of the unique documents within our care, we kindly ask readers to observe the following rules:

  1. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the Archives Centre building.

  2. No drinking or eating (including sweets, gum and throat pastilles) is permitted in the reading room.

  3. Bags, coats and briefcases (including laptop bags and camera cases) must be left in the lockers provided. Readers are asked to only bring essential items into the reading room. Large items of luggage cannot be accommodated.

  4. Pencils only should be used for note-taking (pens are not allowed into the reading room). Pencils will be provided on your trolley.

  5. Yellow paper only should be used for note-taking (in order to distinguish the reader’s notes from the archival material). If you are bringing other essential papers into the reading room, they must be kept separate from archival originals. Yellow paper will be provided on your trolley.

  6. Papers must be handled with great care and each file returned in a tidy condition. Readers are required to follow handling guidelines issued by the Archives Centre.

  7. Please keep papers in the order that you found them, (even if that does not appear to be the correct order to you).

  8. The use of photocopiers and scanners is not permitted. You may use your own equipment (eg camera, smartphone or tablet) to take photographs of documents subject to certain restrictions (e.g. no flash photography).

  9. When taking photographs your handling of the original papers should not change i.e. you should continue to practise safe handling according to the guidelines you are given and continue to be careful to retain the order of papers in the file.

The Reading Room is constantly monitored by security cameras. Readers may be asked to show the contents of their file/bags on leaving the Archives Centre.

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