Transport and parking

Churchill College is a short walk from the city centre, but you can also get around locally by bus and bike.  There is a bus stop 2 minutes away from the College entrance.

The nearest train stations are Cambridge, and Cambridge North.

The nearest airport is London Stansted. London Luton, London Heathrow, and London Gatwick airports are the next nearest airports.

Public transport

Bus links

The University part-funds the Universal bus service, which links Churchill with West Cambridge, the railway station, the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (including Addenbrookes), and many other University sites (such as Sidgwick). The stop nearest to Churchill is on Madingley Road, just a little further down from the pedestrian crossing which leads towards the Maths Faculty.

Current members of the University can travel for a discounted fare on the presentation of their valid University Card.

Details of the route and timetable can be found at

The bus stop is a 3 minute walk from the Porters’ Lodge: head down Storeys Way towards the main road, and then turn left.

Train links

The Universal bus serves the main Cambridge train station, which is around 3 miles from Churchill College. Cambridge North train station is around 5 miles from College.

Trains run from Cambridge direct to Stansted airport. Further information about train services can be found on the National Rail website.

Location of bus stop

Bikes and cycling at College

Cycling is a cheap, fast and effective way of getting around Cambridge. But it’s important that you use your bike safely. Please work through the following resources, paying particular attention if you’re new to cycling on roads.

You must register your bike with the Porters’ Lodge; University regulations require it.

Please visit the Lodge to borrow a special pen with which to mark your bike. We advise that you mark it twice, once in a very obvious place, and again in a more hidden place. You should use the letters Chu followed by your account number (as quoted on the back of your University Card). Bikes which are not registered, do not display the tag, or which are incorrectly marked will be removed.

We have a bike repair shop on-site, Cambridge Bicycle Workshop. It’s off Churchill Road, opposite the Staff Car Park.

Cambridge Bicycle Workshop

There are five locked bike–stores near the squash courts. Sheds 1–3 are opened with a code, which can be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge. Sheds 4 and 5 require a special key. The cost of hiring the key is £10.00 for the duration of your stay. The key must be returned to the Porters’ Lodge at the end of your stay for security reasons. Bikes are not permitted in rooms or in the confines of the College.

Please do not leave bikes against the bridge, pond, walls or trees in front of College. The Porters have instructions to report offenders to the Dean, and bikes will be removed or double locked in place. In the latter case it will be necessary to apply to the Porters’ Lodge for bikes to be released.

Camcycle has a lot of information for those who are new to cycling in Cambridge.


There is limited parking available on site. Visitors with access needs can contact the Porters Lodge to reserve a space. It is a 25 minute walk from Madingley Road Park and Ride car park.

Students are usually only permitted a car in Cambridge if it is essential for academic study or for coping with a medical condition, and you will need to apply for a permit.  Students with car permits are only permitted to park at the top end of the College site.

A black bicycle with panniers leaning against the wall of a postgraduate flat.