Moving Forward Together

For several years now, Churchill has flown the Pride flag to mark LGBT+ history month, as an inspiring emblem for equality aspirations. In February 2021, the rainbow flag was succeeded by the Pride Progress flag, which includes pink and blue, and black and brown arrow-shaped lines, to symbolise the inclusion of trans and non-binary identities and BAME identities, respectively. The Pride Progress flag thus signals forward momentum, but also the fact that the aspiration for equality is work in progress, and that the work in question is intersectional in character, both across the letters of LGBTQ, and the + attached to them, and in relation to other minoritized identities. In conjunction with the introduction of the EDI Committee, particular moves are now being made to advance that work in progress for LGBTQ+ people in Churchill. The aim is to connect the work that JCR and MCR reps have undertaken over the last years (including the introduction of the gender expression fund) with other sectors of the community: non-academic staff and Fellows. This is partly in response to developments at University level, not least a set of surveys of students and staff identifying as LGBTQ+, culminating in the recent Care+ report from the Students Union, which have cast light on the experiences of isolation and alienation for many. With many LGBTQ+ students and staff still feeling unable to be open in their workplace or other everyday environments, it is clear that there is equality work still to do, and our group will do what it can to help take initiatives in this area forward across the College, supported by a programme of discussions and other events.