Giving to the College

Everyone should be able to develop their talents to the fullest. Education is good for the individual, and is an investment in society and the economy.

Andrew, Student

At Churchill College, we strive to uphold our world-renowned commitment to excellence in scholarship, teaching and research. The generosity of our donors giving is vital to helping us maintain and build on this commitment.

Your support makes the difference.

Gifts from alumni and friends of Churchill College help us provide the best experience for our students today, and for the future.

Your support and giving creates opportunities by providing scholarships and bursaries for undergraduate and graduate students alike. The best provision attracts the best students and will see Churchill go from strength to strength as an academic institution and a nurturing community.

Registered Charity Number: 1137476

Male student setting off on a bike from the front of College. In the background are a number of bike racks and the Boston Ivy on the walls of the Squash Courts.


Churchill College is a great success story and one in which all Churchillians can be proud. By giving today you can support our students and make a positive impact in their lives and through their works, a positive impact on society.

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