Churchill College Association

The Churchill College Association was established to promote friendship between resident and non-resident members — Fellows, students and alumni. From the day you become a member of Churchill College you are a member of the Churchill College Association.



Membership affords the opportunity for Churchillians to maintain links with The College and each other. The Association organises a number of events which you are welcome to attend, in particular, the Churchill Association Annual Dinner, which takes place in September and coincides with the University’s Alumni Festival weekend. Other special interest groups, activities and events are organised throughout the year so please sign up for the College’s E-Bulletin and check the website for details.

The Churchill College Association Committee meets twice a year and its current Chair is Jayne Donora (U80). The Committee is always open to new ideas and feedback, and welcomes your involvement. It would especially welcome volunteers as year representatives.

Please get in touch and get involved – the Churchill College Association exists for all of you!

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Association Committee

The Churchill College Association Executive Committee meets twice per year and holds its AGM during the Association Weekend at the end of September each year.


  • Jayne Donora (U80)

Deputy Chair

  • Vacant

Decade Representatives

  • 1960s Peter Clarke (U61) until 2025 & John McGee (U69) until 2025
  • 1970s Trevor Cave (U71) until 2025 & Dr Cathy Elliott (U73) until 2027
  • 1980s Jayne Donora (U80) until 2026 & Sue Brown (G83) until 2026
  • 1990s Dr Andrew Ball (U90) until 2025 & vacant
  • 2000s Beata Zygarlowska (G03) until 2024 & vacant
  • 2010s vacant

Co-opted Members

  • Graham Thomas (U61) until 2025
  • Tim Cribb (Emeritus Fellow) until 2025
  • Dr Brian McGee (U&G99) until 2024

If you are interested in joining the Committee as a decade representative or would simply like to be put in touch, please contact the Association.

Email the committee

Representatives from the Common Rooms

  • JCR President
  • MCR President
  • SCR Representative

Current Fellows

  • Dr Adrian Barbrook (Vice Master)
  • Fran Malarée (Development Director)
  • Anny King (Churchill Review Editor)


  • Elizabeth McWilliams (Alumni and Events Officer)

The Honorary Vice-Presidents for Life

  • Lord Alec Broers (former Master)
  • Sir David Wallace (former Master)
  • Hywel George (Bursar 1972–1990)
  • Jennifer Brook (Bursar 1998–2017)
  • Mary Beveridge (Registrar 1984–1991)

Year Group Reps

The list of decade reps on our Association Committee has now been expanded to include representative for each year, and we are thrilled to have Year Group Reps across every decade, from 1961 to 2018.

The Year Group Reps will help the College keep in touch with alumni from their year, suggest events or other initiatives the Alumni and Development office might undertake to maintain good relationships with alumni, Give feedback on the College’s plans for alumni and fundraising initiatives. They will also work with the College to encourage alumni from their year to attend events such as reunions, provide archival information and tell us what they have been up to since they left Churchill.


Attendees at the first annual year group rep meeting

1961 Graham Thomas

1963 Dr Keith Paton

1965 Bob Bell

1966 John Brookes

1967 Meredith Lloyd-Evans

1967 Philip Evans

1968 Christopher Rennie-Smith

1969 Mike Pocock

1970 Peter Bossom

1971 Malcolm Brinded

1972 Helen Ilieve (Swallow)

1973 Dr Kevin Knowles

1974 Caroline Blackmun

1975 Andrew Molyneux

1976  Mark Robinson & Lesley Robinson (Jacobs)

1977 Peter Hughes

1978 Dr Helen Crawley

1979 Dr Philip Leighton

1980 Nick Rozanski

1981 Jeremy Amias

1982 Tim Armitage

1983 Susan Brown

1984 Simon Havers & Sally Havers (Hooker)

1985 Aidan Clegg

1986 Professor Paul Foulkes

1986 Douglas Glenn

1987 Professor Kwok-Yan Lam

1989 Jo Cantello

1990 Andrew Ball

1991 David Boyle

1992 Dan Roberts

1993 Dave Gwilt & Julia Gwilt (Smyth)

1994 Ben Brierton & Dr Kate Brierton (Pratt)

1997 Dr Helen Czerski

1999 Dr Brian McGee

2000 Tom Whipple

2001 David Cottingham

2002 Rasmus Bertelsen

2003 Patrick Turner

2004 Matt Haslett

2005 Felicity Hulme

2006 Marc Samuels

2007 Grayden Reece-Smith

2008 Dr Christina Georgiou

2009 Dr Giorgio Divitini

2011 Ellie Sweet

2012 Freddie Downing

2013 Nathan Hardisty

2014 Jack Manwaring

2015 Monica Zolczer

2016 Kieran Heal

2018 Dr Franck Courbon