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Chapel Conservation appeal

The Chapel at Churchill

Whether or not you participate in Chapel life, the Chapel at Churchill is important in its pastoral support for some of our students, and being a focus of a great deal of communal activity, such as music performance and acts of remembrance.

Conservation work is critical to enable the Chapel to continue to fulfil its key role of promoting spirituality and wellbeing, within Churchill College and beyond, long into the future. After fifty-five years, the Chapel has needed extensive conservation repair works including the replacement of the roof, conversion and protection of the windows, and improvements to the lighting system. Careful maintenance is key to ensuring that the roof retains its weatherproof properties to prevent the deterioration of the building and its contents.

Given the historical significance of John Piper’s stained glass and the cost of lead, these essential conservation repairs, when complete, will have reached a total in the region of £149,000. Half of this funding needs to be secured before grant applications can be submitted to repay the loan which enabled the urgent works to start.

A conserved Chapel will be able to continue to play a vital role in the life and well-being of both the College and wider community, for many years to come.

Thank you for considering making a gift to the Chapel Conservation appeal and adding your support today.