Other resources available in the library

The library collection extends beyond books, journals and online resources. We have a variety of other resources available for your use, from skeletons to standing desks to seeds.

If you feel there is something useful we are lacking, we would love to hear about it! Please email librarian@chu.cam.ac.uk with any suggestions.

Comb binder and laminator

There is a comb binder for binding reports and dissertations in the Library office. Binding, including combs and plastic fronts and backs, is free of charge.

We also have a laminator which College members are welcome to use.

A comb binding machine

DVD collection and portable DVD drives

The Library holds a number of DVDs both for study purposes and purely for leisure viewing. They are kept in the Bevin Library. You can browse and search our DVD collection on iDiscover. Alternatively, you can limit to DVDs in the main iDiscover search using the ‘Audiovisual’ filter (either in the Advanced Search box before searching, or in the ‘refine my results’ panel after searching).

We also have portable plug-and-play DVD drives available to borrow from the Library Office.


Two boxes containing portable DVD drives sit in front of a bookshelf full of DVDs

USB charging cables

USB-C, Micro-USB, and Lightning cables can be borrowed from the Library Office.

A smartphone lying on a desk next to a laptop, connected by a USB charging cable

Examination papers

Bound volumes of past examination papers can be found in the reference section, to your right as soon as you enter the Bracken Library.

Volumes of examination papers bound in red leather on library bookshelves

Skeletons and molecular model kits

The Library has a collection of half-skeletons and skulls for use by 1st and 2nd year medics. These are available on long-term loan from the Library office.

There are also a number of molecular model kits available to borrow from the Library Office.

A plastic skull wearing a pair of sunglasses

Standing desk and other ergonomic aids

There is an adjustable workstation in the Lloyds Computer Room, which can be raised to a standing height.

Book stands, laptop stands and reading lecterns are available at the entrance to each reading room, also blankets and stress balls (to alleviate study stress and hand strain from extended typing). We also have a small number of LED desk lamps with adjustable colour-spectrum and light intensity. Ergonomic aids can be used anywhere within the library reading rooms. Please do not remove them from the library.

A computer monitor, mouse and keyboard on an adjustable workstation which can be raised or lowered.

Wellbeing Seed Library

The Wellbeing Seed Library provides free seeds for students and families to use in the College garden, or to grow in your room. The Seed Library can be found in the entrance foyer of the Bracken reading room (you do not need a University Card to access this area.)

In the 70 Storey’s Way Garden there is a student greenhouse and raised beds that can be used by students and families. Compost, pots, a watering can and plant labels are kept in the greenhouse for student use, and the College gardeners will be on hand for advice.

We would be glad to accept donations of seeds harvested from grown crops. If you would like more information on harvesting or growing seeds, please contact Katherine Banarse Davies in the Grounds & Gardens team.

Email Katherine Banarse Davies

Churchill College Garden Society

Bookshelves in the Bracken Library foyer where books about gardening are on display next to the box containing the seed library

Stress balls, colouring and puzzles

In the Bevin Library there is a selection of colouring books, brain teasers, and stress balls, to alleviate study stress and hand strain from extended typing.

A selection of stress relieving materials including stress balls, puzzle books, colouring sheets and coloured pencils.

Water cooler

Cold drinking water is available from a dispenser outside the Bracken Library, on the ground floor. Drinks are welcome in the library reading rooms, but they must be in a container with a lid (no open-topped glasses or mugs please).

Water cooler

IT facilities

There are 10 computers in the Lloyds Room, which is on the first floor opposite the Library Office. Another computer is available inside the Bracken Library on the ground-floor level.

Also in the Bracken Library is a free-standing monitor, which you can use with your own device as a second screen.

There are two printers available in our building:

  • the Lloyds Room printer (black and white, A4)
  • the Library Landing photocopier (colour/black and white, A3/A4)

You can also use the Library Landing photocopier to scan and make copies.

Charges for printing and copying are listed on signs above the printers. Copying charges will be debited directly from your College account. Scanning to email or a USB stick is free.

Please read the Licensed Copying User Guidelines on the noticeboard above the photocopier before you make any copies.

Find out more about Computing in College


One side of the Lloyds computer room, with three computer workstations. The chairs are on rolling castors and are height adjustable. Two of the computers are connected to scanners.