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What are the Student Caller Benefits?

When and where is the telethon?

Why does the College run telethons?

What is the 2024 telephone campaign raising money for?

What makes a good caller?

Is previous experience required?

Why should you apply?

What skills will you gain?

What did previous members of the calling team think?

I really enjoyed my experience in the Telethon Campaign. I heard so many interesting stories from Alumni and met some fantastic students on the calling team.
Victoria Dahmen (U22)

My favourite part of being a Caller was undoubtedly how often I had conversations on completely unexpected, utterly interesting topics – I learnt so much!
Emma Bain (G21)

Taking part in the Churchill Call Campaign was a really enjoyable experience. Not only did it help to develop my communication and confidence but it also gave me a fascinating in-sight into alumni experiences at Churchill College.
Simon Zientek (G21)

What I enjoyed most about the calling campaign was the people I worked with last September. It was clear that everyone there had immensely enjoyed their time at Churchill, and it fostered a wonderful atmosphere to work in and made the shifts very short.
Chris Hughes (G19 Mathematics)

It was fabulous to feel a part of the campaign group – I felt we were extremely well cared-for and enjoyed the atmosphere in the calling room. I feel immensely lucky to have had the conversations I had with College alumni, with some particularly memorable characters making a massive impression.
Biliana Tchavdarova Todorova (U19 NatSci)