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Dr Yu Xu 

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Human Genetics

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Postdoctoral By-Fellows,

Dr. Yu Xu is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care. Bridging the fields of human genetics and artificial intelligence, his research centers on multi-omic genetic scores. These scores leverage genetic information to predict individual omic profiles, enabling efficient and cost-effective multi-omic analysis in large-scale population studies. His research focuses on the development of genetic scores for diverse multi-omics as well as their biological and clinical applications by utilizing machine learning and analytical methodologies. His work aims to unravel the molecular complexities of human diseases and aid in the discovery of pivotal biomarkers and potential drug targets.

Before joining Cambridge, Dr. Xu earned his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Trinity College Dublin. His doctoral research delved deep into the inference of user expertise information on online social networks by using machine learning and deep learning approaches. This research revealed the intricate patterns of expertise recognition and its propagation across digital social platforms.