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Professor James Norris 

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Lecturers, Professors and College Officers,

James Norris specializes in the study of Probability and Random Processes. These are branches of mathematics concerned with predicting the behaviour of systems subject to uncertainty but where the uncertainty can be quantified – a simple example would be the outcome of a series of coin tosses. A more general and rather pervasive class of examples is known as Markov Chains. See the textbook Markov Chains(CUP 1998) for an introductory account. The content of Chapter 1 forms the basis of a second year course in the Mathematical Tripos. Professor Norris’s research interests cover a wide range of topics ranging from Brownian motion and stochastic calculus to large systems of interacting random particles used to model certain physical phenomena.

College Positions

Director of Studies - Mathematics (Part III)

01 October 1985 – Present