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Dr Matthew Russell 

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Matthew Russell is an alumnus of Churchill College, completing a BA in Natural Sciences in the early 90s and then a PhD under Stuart Warren thereafter. He is currently the Head of the Office of Intercollegiate Services for the Cambridge Colleges, supporting Heads of House, Bursars and other senior officers in all matters of common concern to the Colleges.

Matthew has spent a large part of his professional career in higher education administration in Cambridge. After three years as a post-doc, he worked in the Academic Division of the Unified Administrative Services in the area of educational policy development and teaching quality assurance, as well as managing the Natural Sciences Tripos. He also acted as Director of Studies in Natural Sciences for St Catharine’s College for five years.

In 2008, he left the lofty spires of Cambridge and worked for 7 years at Cranfield University, where he was their Academic Registrar and Director of Education Services. During that time, he also participated in national networks in higher education, including a group focused on the newly-introduced points-based-immigration system and its impact in higher education.

Matthew has been married to Abigail since 1995 and has two sons, Mark and Adam.