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Mr Nigel Knight 

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Nigel Knight is a lecturer in British Government to the Faculty of Economics and is Director of Studies in Economics and a Fellow at Churchill College Cambridge. He has been a lecturer in Economics at Magdalene College Cambridge since 1996, and formerly taught at the University of Oxford. He has worked in national politics with both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, advising and writing economic policy. His research interests are principally in the area of political economy. He has published a political & economic history of Britain since the Second World War and a significant work on Winston Churchill.

He is currently writing in the fields of both Macroeconomics and the History of Economic Thought, where he is concentrating on the provenance of Classical economic theory. His next project is an economic analysis of the UK’s post-war tactical and strategic nuclear missile programmes and their effects upon the trajectory of the UK’s macroeconomy.

College Positions

Director of Studies — Economics

01 October 2008 – Present

Undergraduate Student Tutor

01 October 2008 – Present