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Professor Tawfique Hasan 

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Tawfique Hasan is a Professor in Nanomaterials Engineering at the Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC), Cambridge University. Before joining as a University Lecturer in 2013, he was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, and was elected as a Junior Research Fellow at Kings College, Cambridge. Hasan pioneered inkjet and high-speed, industrial-scale printing of graphene, silicon integration of printed 2D crystals, and universal formulation of 2D crystal inks for wafer-scale device fabrication exceeding industrial print manufacturing requirements. Hasan now heads the NanoEngineering research group at the Engineering Department. His interests include 1D nanostructures and scalable production of 2D materials, and their applications in (opto)electronics, sensing and photonics through materials engineering and hardware-software fusion.

College Positions

Director of Studies - Engineering (Part IIA & IIB)

01 October 2013 – Present