17 September to 4 October

The Telephone Campaign is an annual campaign run by the Development Office. It takes place over approximately three weeks and has two main objectives: to maintain links between current students and alumni, and to raise money for the College. All alumni are lifelong members of the College, and the Telephone Campaign helps to keep that connection alive. Many alumni really value the opportunity to speak to current students and find out more about the life of the College today. Many also choose to pledge a gift during the Telephone Campaign and these donations are vital in enabling the College to continue to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. True to the founding principles of the College, over 80% of our undergraduates are from state schools and nearly all require some level of additional financial support. We are reliant on generous alumni support to help ensure none of our students miss out on the opportunities available to them while they are in Cambridge.

Your gift to one of the fundraising priorities in our Think Forward campaign will help the College to support future generations of Churchillians.

Class Giving: come together to celebrate your time here and support Churchillians of the future

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Winston Churchill Top-Up Bursary Fund

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Graduate Studentship Endowment Fund

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We understand that this may not be a good time for you to receive a call. If you would prefer not to be called on this occasion, please let us know by submitting this form, or by emailing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Alumni about the annual telephone campaign

When and where does calling take place?

Why do students apply to be callers?

Are the students trained?

How do I know if I will be called and am I able to opt out of a campaign?

Can I make a gift over the phone?

Can I choose which area of College my gift will support?

Can I choose how much I give and for how long?

In what other ways can I help the College other than by making a gift?

Calling team introductions

We would like to include a little background information about the calling team so that alumni are able to read more about the students that they will be talking to.

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In just a few sentences, you might choose to mention any clubs/societies you're involved in, where you're from, hobbies, fun facts, favourite places in College, what you're hoping to do in the future, why you're doing the telethon etc.
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