Living Lab: Climate Action

This webpage hosts all the resources to run Living Lab: Climate action. For each session, there are details on how to make progress and what to record to make it easy to submit for a CREST silver award.

There are 2 themes to investigate to make your school more climate resilient.

  1. Energy saving using smart sensors
  2. Flood resilience

Your investigations in school will focus on energy saving. It is fine to do this as part of a STEM club or class, or work self-paced and independently. The resources are set up so that you can do either.

At the end of each episode there is a slide detailing how that section links to CREST criteria, to make compiling a CREST project and your final poster straightforward


For each episode you will find:

  1. Video – feel free to pause at each section while you work through
  2. Google folder containing: Any additional resources  – eg. poster template AND Powerpoint slides for each session if you prefer to present or just work through as a group. These contain weblinks if you want to follow-up any resources mentioned.

Google Folder – Resources

Energy Saving 1 - Introduction, CREST and Cambridge visit

Energy Saving 2 - Ideas for your investigation. Aims and Objective

Energy Saving 3 - Background Research

Energy Saving 4 - Planning Your Research

Energy Saving 5 - Analysing Your Data

Energy Saving 6 - Conclusions, Recommendations and Posters

Flooding 1

The flooding topic will form part of the University of Cambridge visit! Feel free to take a look for a sneak preview 🙂

Resources (google folder)