Now more than ever there is tremendous value in staying connected with the Churchill alumni community.

ChurchillConnect, our free-to-use and free-of-ads website just for Churchill members, brings a host of benefits whilst we wait to socialise again in large groups. Whilst nothing will replace our fantastic reunion dinners, or insightful business network events with the opportunity to meet Churchillians in your sector, we think this networking platform does provide a way to retain some of those alumni perks, and more, whilst our everyday social interactions are limited.

For those of you who were looking forward to seeing old friends at a postponed reunion dinner this year, why not join and see if anyone from your year that you lost contact with has registered. You can send them a message through the site, or even create groups (a bit like Facebook) to share memories with all those in your year or sports club etc.

Some of you may need to find a new job or are looking for a new career path. The site allows you to search for other users by company or industry to identify people you might reach out to for a bit of inside info. Each user indicates whether or not they are willing to help, and what sort of help that might include (answering questions/reviewing a CV etc). Users can also post job ads.

We know that some of our alumni would love to give back to the College after benefiting from their time as a student at Churchill, but are not in a position to make a financial gift. Instead, by offering to help our current and recently graduated students with some informal mentoring or careers advice, you are really giving something incredibly valuable to our younger alumni. Those graduating this year will face a tougher jobs market than we have seen in decades, and anything you can do to assist with their search for employment will be hugely appreciated.

The easiest way to register is to sign up using your LinkedIn log-in details. This will automatically transfer your profile pic and the employment data visible on your LinkedIn profile to your ChurchillConnect profile, saving you typing it out again, but meaning other users can view your career history. (Don’t worry, administrators of the platform will not have access to your LinkedIn contacts or be able to access your LinkedIn account in any way.)

The 1’14” video below gives you a quick glimpse into using the platform: How to Connect With Other Users from GraduwayTV on Vimeo.

Register now with ChurchillConnect