John Kinsella and Tracy Ryan Prize Winners Announced

We are delighted to annouce this year’s winners of the annual The John Kinsella and Tracy Ryan Poetry Prize and Other Prize. We have had an unprecedented year for entries, with twice the number of poems, and over four times the number of plays entered compared to 2020 – many of which were of an extremely high quality. Our overall winners and runner-up, however, were:

    • Poetry Prize Winner: Talin Tahajian, for her poem ‘New Year Poem’.
    • ‘Other’ Drama Prize Winner: Chakira Alin, for her play ‘Heroes’.
    • ‘Other’ Drama Prize Runner-up: Joe Venable, for his play ‘Rapture’.

In lieu of our usual celebratory drinks reception and lunch, we welcomed our winners and their guests to an online prize ceremony. Congratulations to them all once again!

Many congratulations also to the authors of ‘Sunlight on Brownstones’, ‘Swimming Pool’, ‘Contagion Qasida’, ‘Lent’ and ‘It will be good for you to retrace this path’ and ‘Archive Fever’ – all of which were highlighted by our poetry adjudicators as showing real promise.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the prizes this year!

The full adjudicator reports are available to read and download below.

Adjudicator Reports PDF