Maintaining and increasing the number and diversity of trees across our College site is key to creating a sustainable ecosystem that provides for the current populations, future generations, and the natural environment. We are therefore delighted to present the findings of a recent tree survey carried out at the College over three weeks in April and May 2023

Additional data was collected during the survey to examine the range of tree related benefits provided by the tree population at the College, known as an i-Tree report. This focuses on the many benefits that the trees and urban forest in the College provides and a summary of the report’s key findings can be found below. The data captured will aid the strategic management of the whole tree population at Churchill, including the identification of threats and opportunities and the most effective allocation of available resources.

Of particular interest was the application of Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees (CAVAT) to our tree population at Churchill: a valuation method developed in the UK to express a tree’s relative contribution to public amenity and its prominence in the urban landscape. Using this method of valuation, our trees were identified as having a whopping total capital asset value of £7,174,889! You can view the headline findings in the infographic below as well as reading a summary of the full report.