On Saturday 25 June, we held a virtual celebration for our graduates of 2020.

Held via Zoom, the celebration was introduced by acting Senior Tutor Lisa Jardine-Wright, before she handed over to praelector Dr John Fawcett. Here, Dr Fawcett gave an overview of how a graduation at Senate House would usually work, and how we were going to interpret it for a virtual world.

After the formalities were complete, the Master gave a speech that she would normally have delivered over dinner, congratulating our graduates, and noting the hard work by Fellows and staff to ensure the newest members of our alumni community were able to graduate under the hardest of circumstances. We then enjoyed emotional and touching speeches by graduates Tabbi Reed and Stephen Hughes, and completed the event with a look back at May Week 2019 in a nostalgic and heart-warming video by Jimmy Yu.

Although it was not the graduation anyone could have foreseen, we very much look forward to welcome each and every one of our graduates back to College as alumni. As Dr Jardine-Wright said, “graduation is just the beginning, for you will always be part of Churchill College.”

You can watch the full event below.