Building & site projects

As the College with the largest site in Cambridge, we want to make sure we have the best facilities while taking a responsible approach to development.

Sustainability is a key priority for the College, and a guiding principle in our approach to developing and maintaining the site. We also invest in the skills of our people, whether it is training Apprentices, or developing in-house expertise in areas like photovoltaics.

We use these skills to make sure that Churchill College’s approach is at the cutting edge, and we are responsible care-takers of the grounds, buildings, habitats and facilities our community enjoys.

Churchill Road project

The Churchill Road has been in situ since the College was founded, and while it has been resurfaced during this time, the foundations are now deteriorating such that they need to be replaced. We will be undergoing a redevelopment of the road from 2023 onwards which will reinvigorate this route, and add new areas that create space and value.


Bill Brown Creative Workshops

The Bill Brown Creative Workshops will provide a hub for creativity and innovation, including a multi-purpose project space, to explore, design, test, scale, build and present ideas – technical, social, artistic and more. Students of all disciplines, undergraduates and postgraduates, will have the opportunity to make things together. It is also aimed at engaging the widest possible audience, both local, national and international, developing an active communication and exhibition strategy as well as a reputation for excellence.

A wooden design model of the creative space. Half of the building is split over two storeys, the other half is a double height space

The route to net zero

We are engaged in an ambitious programme to reduce the College’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030. We have made good progress and are on track to achieve this goal. You can find out more about what we’ve done so far and our next steps on our Sustainability page.

Sustainability update

An aerial view of the North Court solar array at Churchill College