Churchill College Boat Club


Churchill College Boat Club is the largest club in Churchill. Rowing is by far the most popular sport at the University, and college rowing is the best way of getting involved with the sport.

Most people’s experience of rowing before arriving in Cambridge consists of occasionally watching the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race on television alongside some preconceptions about endless early mornings.

Whatever your experience of sport beforehand, we will have a boat to suit your abilities. If rowing and physical activity is not your scene , then coxing is another great way of getting involved.

Why should I try rowing?

Most people will try rowing at some point during their time here, and for good reason. The sport itself is great fun, and a good way of preventing Fresher’s belly. However, the highlight of rowing at Cambridge is undoubtedly the College bumps — a huge event with hundreds of crews on the river.


What about the early mornings?

One of the most common things putting people off joining the club is the fear of forever getting up early. Whilst there may be the occasional morning outing, you may find yourself surprised how well a quick morning paddle down the river prepares you for a day of lectures.


Will I have time for other college activities?

Of course! We have a number of Lower Boats to suit those involved in other clubs and societies, so there is no reason why rowing should ever stop you taking part in other activities.


Will rowing interfere with my studies?

No. Starting studies at Cambridge is obviously a significant and daunting step-up from A-levels. However, don’t let that put you off from extracurriculars — joining a society is by far the best way of balancing work pressures.


Will rowing eat into my social life?

No! The Boat Club is one of the most sociable clubs in College and as a new member of the club it is highly encouraged to join in on the infamous ‘Boatie Swaps’ with crews from other colleges. We also have our termly Boat Club Dinners, which are a staple of the social calendar.


I am not tall / fit / strong enough to be a rower!

Not true! The Boat Club wants to hear from you regardless. We have a boat to suit people of all abilities — from the more competitive first crews, to the more relaxed lower boats. We are looking for rowers and coxes from both the MCR and JCR, so give it a try!



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If you think rowing might be for you, or to find out more about rowing and the club contact the Captain, Kieran Heal.

Captain: Kieran Heal