Why Churchill?

The choice of Churchill College for me was motivated mostly by its proximity to West Cambridge. As most of the scientific departments, with the exclusion of Addenbrokes microbiology, are at least trying to have satellite buildings in West Cambridge, as someone who is studying the sciences, Churchill is an optimal choice. Furthermore, since specifically I am a physics major, the proximity to DAMTP (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics), the Astronomy department, and the Cavendish Laboratories are a huge plus.

College life

My time here has been absolutely phenomenal. Barring the rather European, lack-of-sunshine weather that kind of bogs me down, the atmosphere and the people really do make the College, The enthusiasm of the MCR committee is unparalleled by many of the other colleges (speaking from anecdotal evidence from a lot of my non–Churchill friends). For example, we have guest night once a term, which is kind of like a small May Ball. It’s always tons of fun, and no other MCR does these celebrations like we do.

Would you recommend applying to Churchill?

For sure! Well, let me qualify that Churchill has it’s own brand of humour. To be completely frank, we do tend to throw in a lot of what would traditionally be called “nerdy jokes,” incorporating physics, chemistry, computer science, etc… into our dialogues and conversations, but it kind of gives Churchill that flare. Whether you are a humanities major that likes to learn more about the sciences, or a scientist that wants to learn more, Churchill is definitely a great place. We also have a pretty awesome gym and porters that will educate all in the wonders of British humour, as soon as you get used to it.