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Churchill guarantees on-site accommodation for the full duration of your three or four-year undergraduate course. It’s one of the main advantages of Churchill and helps build our strong sense of community.

Living on campus means that you can easily access all of Churchill’s facilities and support services, leaving you free to concentrate on your studies and enjoy the benefits of life in College and at Cambridge.

As an undergraduate here, you would live in a communal court within the College’s spacious gardens and sports grounds. Rooms are arranged around mixed staircases, shared by students from different subject and year groups. This allows you to meet a diverse range of people from across the College from the moment you arrive.

Rooms are modern, spacious, light, and warm. Over 40% have en suite facilities. All have access to excellent shared bathrooms and laundry facilities, as well as free wireless internet. Simple meals can be prepared in snack kitchens, which contain fridges and combination microwaves, but no freezers or ovens. We are a catered college with subsidised meal options for a great variety of dietary requirements. Eating in our Dining Hall is encouraged and an important part of life at Cambridge.

We have five rooms that have been adapted for wheelchair users or those with restricted mobility. Detailed information on Cambridge’s provisions for students with disabilities is available from the University’s Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC). Don’t hesitate to get in touch, with us or the ADRC, if you have any questions or needs that you’d like to discuss.

Room rents vary with size and facilities, but all are affordable. For a breakdown of our rent charges, see our Fees and Costs page. Rent is payable for just 30 weeks per year and includes heating and internet. You will be able to choose the type of room you would like in an annual room ballot, and while we can’t always guarantee you your first choice of room, you will be allocated a room to suit your needs and budget.

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National Code of Assured Accommodation logo - green text next to a green thumbs up

Churchill College is a member of the National Codes of Standards.

This is a scheme designed to provide a minimum set of professional standards for larger student accommodation providers regarding their accommodation management. This offers students peace of mind in knowing that we follow professional standards of service.

The Code ensures that tenants receive good standards of housing management. Disputes and misunderstandings are rare, and where problems do occur they are resolved quickly. The benefits of living in student accommodation which complies with the Code include:

  • Your contract is clearly written stating your rent amount and any other fees that you need to pay for, such as a deposit
  • Your accommodation is ready for you at the beginning of term
  • Your accommodation, including all furniture and fittings, are in a reasonable condition
  • Your accommodation is secure
  • Repairs and maintenance will be carried out within agreed timescales
  • Your accommodation complies with health and safety standards which covers such things as fire prevention and electrical safety
  • If a deposit is charged, you will know what it is for and it will be returned to you promptly at the end of the year with a clear explanation of any deductions
  • A set procedure is in place to deal with disputes and complaints effectively.

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