Wireless networks


This network is recommended for frequent use by members of Churchill College, the University of Cambridge and any other university participating in the eduroam scheme. It requires each laptop, phone or tablet to be configured to log in to the network, but this only needs to be done once for each device.

eduroam is an international project, supported in universities across the globe. This means that once you set up your computer to access the eduroam network in Cambridge, it will also be able to access the internet in participating universities elsewhere in the UK and abroad. Similarly, members of other participating universities are able to use the eduroam network here in Cambridge; they will need to seek advice from their own university for details of how to connect to eduroam.


This network is recommended for occasional use by members of Churchill College and the University of Cambridge. It requires that you log in using Raven each time you connect to the network; thus it is simpler to connect to than eduroam at first, but becomes less so the more often you use it.


This network is guests and visitors and they can connect via their social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn or GitHub).

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Intended for staff and students to connect personal devices that can’t be connected to eduroam – for example, media streaming devices like Apple TV; smart speakers like Amazon Echo; AirGroup functionality allows devices on eduroam, associated with the same CRSid, to pair with each other allowing you to use Airplay between devices.

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Personal wireless routers

Personal wireless routers must not be used anywhere on the College site, as they are likely to interfere with the signal from our wireless access points and cause problems for yourself or other people in nearby rooms.

Comparison with wired connections

The wireless services in College run in addition to the existing wired network connections; if you are happy with your wired connection, there is no need to move over to wireless. The wired network is more suitable for intensive use than a wireless connection; this will particularly affect those who work with very large data sets, or otherwise transfer large amounts of data across the network. Any users who wish to run servers such as web or SSH servers on their computer must use a wired connection, as incoming connections are not possible when connected via wireless.