Conference on Everything

The “Conference on Everything” is a unique conference uniting postgraduates, undergraduates, Fellowship and alumni.

It provides a platform  for postgraduates to present their varied research projects, hone their presentation skills,  and receive feedback in a supportive atmosphere followed  by the Postgraduate Dinner. There are also prizes for the best presentations! Undergraduates, Fellows and alumni can come along and hear all about the latest research happening in and around Churchill College.

The 2024 Conference on Everything

  • The Conference on Everything takes place on Saturday 27th April 2024 in Wolfson Hall
  • The conference begins at 2pm with registration from 1.45pm.

If you wish to register to attend and to join the dinner, please do so through the registration form.

The Conference is a great opportunity to share your research, hone your presentation skills, receive valuable feedback, and potentially win a prize. The Conference will be followed by a Dinner for all those presenting or attending.

Presentations can be in the following categories:

  • Oral presentation (10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A)
  • Poster data blitz competition (1 slide + 1 minute poster presentation)
  • Poster competition.

2023 winners included:

1st Haritha Jayasinghe: ‘Digitising Industrial Facilities’
2nd: Sruthi Srinivasan: ‘Decoding the link between music and memory using optical neuroimaging and deep neural networks’
3rd: Søren Hough: ‘Variants in the E3 ubiquitin ligase subunit MAEA lead to DNA repair defects, replication stress, and a newly characterized developmental disorder’
Honorary mention: Nida Abassi ‘Can robots be used for the assessment of mental wellbeing of children’

Prize for the best poster: Pip Knight ‘Tracking the kinetics of magnesium nanoparticle reactions at a single-particle level’

Photo of conference of everything winners 2023

Conference of Everything 2023: Presentation Playlist