The Junior Combination Room (JCR), Middle Combination Room (MCR) and Senior CombinationRoom (SCR) are the names of both the Committees and the rooms in which they meet. JCR represents the interests of undergraduate students, MCR represents postgraduate students, and SCR represents Fellows at the College.


Junior Combination Room

The JCR Committee is an annually elected group of undergraduates that work to represent the interests of Churchill’s undergraduate student body both within the College and to Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU). This includes organising student events, advising the College on student priorities, and working with the College to shape decisions.

The JCR committee is elected each year in Lent Term and is made up of 20 officers, each with specific roles.  The JCR website lists the current Committee and provides updates on activities.

The JCR meets once a fortnight through Full Term (until the exams). Any Churchill College undergraduates can attend these Open Meetings, to vote and propose motions. All Churchill College undergraduates are added to the JCR mailing list, which is an important way to find out about events and activities in College.

You can find more details on the JCR website, or get in touch with the JCR President.



Middle Combination Room

The MCR is the postgraduate student association of Churchill College and supports the interests of Churchill College’s Advanced students. The MCR Committee are in charge of organising and administrating most of the MCR’s activities.

The MCR committee is elected annually and is made up of 20 officers, each with specific roles. The Committee plans Freshers’ Week, Guest Nights, the Christmas Party, and other social events. It organises academic seminars and the Conference on Everything; runs the MCR Bar, and represents the views of the MCR to College through various sub-committees.

The Committee meets once a fortnight during term. Open meetings are held at least once a term and all Churchill College postgraduates are welcome to attend. Minutes of previous Open meetings are available on the MCR website. For more information, events and contact details for the MCR visit the MCR website or contact the MCR President.

Student representation on Committees

In keeping with the Churchill’s progressive and democratic values, the College Council, Governing Body and most of the College’s operational committees include student representatives from the JCR and the MCR.

Becoming a member of a College committee is a great way to gain valuable experience and ensure that the interests and opinions of students are represented at the highest levels of College administration.

Representatives are usually selected from the annually elected JCR and MCR Officers. However, the College welcomes interest from any student. If you are keen to get involved, please contact your JCR or MCR President.

Full list of Committees and responsibilities

College committees with student representatives include:

  • Archives Committee
  • College Council (Trustees of the College — main operating committee)
  • Combined Common Rooms Finance Committee — College clubs & societies grants
  • Committee for Donations to Charities
  • Disciplinary and Academic Student Appeals
  • Education Committee
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Estates Committee
  • Ethics and Reputational Risk Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Hanging Committee -hanging of College works of art
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • ICT Committee — Computer-related issues in College
  • Library Committee
  • Small Grants Committee — Grants to individual students participating in sport or other representative activity at University level or above
  • South African Bursary Committee
  • Student Facilities Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Welfare Committee — Responsible for issues relating to staff and student well-being


Senior Combination Room

The Senior Combination Room (SCR) Committee is appointed by and reports to Governing Body, via the President of the SCR. The SCR Committee oversees the management and activities of the College’s Senior Combination Room, to which all Fellows belong, from considering nominations for Dining Privilege or Associate SCR Membership; High Table dining arrangements; the planning of various special events for Senior members; and certain College Feasts, such as Founder’s and Benefactors’. The SCR Committee meets at least once a term, and the confirmed minutes are available to all current Fellows and By-Fellows via the SCR website (restricted access: SCR members only).

Two of the 2016-17 JCR Committee at a BBQ, They are wearing pink committee polo shirts and are smiling at the camera