Postgraduate accommodation

Churchill College differs from most other colleges in Cambridge in the proximity of its Postgraduate accommodation to the main college site, alongside Undergraduates and Fellows.  All first year Postgraduate students are offered accommodation, and students in their second and third years can apply to live in College rooms.

Large houses for Postgraduates sit around the edge of the College campus, with their own gardens and communal facilities. Rents include background heating, hot water and network access. Duvets, underblankets, and pillows are provided. Linen and towels are not provided, but required. Pans, crockery and cutlery are not provided in our shared kitchen facilities.

There are 26 rooms off-site; most of these are in smaller houses within half a mile of the College but 8 are in a house near to the Addenbrookes hospital site, and a bus ride from College.

The College has the best provision for students with partners or families among the colleges, with 45 flats and maisonettes.

Students are required to sign an accommodation agreement for the period to the end of August. However, you will be given the opportunity to later shorten it to the end of June or July, if preferred.

If you want to get a feel for what our Postgraduate accommodation is like, our Postgraduate accommodation video highlights the options around our campus, including excellent provision for families and partners.

You can also watch our virtual tour of the College to see more of the campus and its facilities.

Postgraduate Accommodation within Main Buildings

Up to 28 rooms are available within the student accommodation courts on site. Each room has a small double bed and includes a washbasin. Usually, there is one bath or shower room to four rooms and a snack kitchen between eight rooms. Prices for 2024/2025 range from £153-£171.

A male and female student walking along a path in the College grounds, with accommodation buildings in the background

Storey's Way: Number 76

By the entrance to the College site, 76 Storey’s Way houses 11 Postgraduate students and is most known as as the place where the philosopher Wittgenstein ended his days. There are two kitchens, three shared bathrooms and one shower room. One Fellow’s teaching room is on the ground floor. There is a herb garden and a visual arts studio on the grounds.

Exterior view of 76 Storey's Way, a large 3 storey house overlooking gardens

Storey's Way: Number 72

This house has 15 rooms in total. It also has its own laundry room and large kitchen with space to eat together. It features a suite of rooms adapted for use by a wheelchair-using student. Bathroom facilities are shared other than in the disabled access bedroom and room 3.

In 2024/2025, rent ranges from £153-£204 per week.

Exterior view of the house at 72 Storey's Way. A two storey building overlooking a large garden surrounded by mature trees

Storey's Way: Number 70

70 Storey’s Way shares a large garden with number 72 and houses 7 students. There is one Fellow’s teaching room also on the ground floor. There are three bath rooms, two shower rooms and three separate WCs.

In 2024/2025, rent ranges from £153-£171 per week.

Front view of the house at 70 Storey's Way. The house overlooks a gravel drive and there is a tree in the foreground.

Storey's Way: Number 64 (Pinchin Riley House)

This Postgraduate house backs onto the College’s private road. It is a short walk to the central college buildings through a garden with an old orchard. It offers 15 rooms, all with wash basins, over three floors. Communal facilities include a laundry room, kitchen with separate dining space and sitting areas overlooking the garden. There is a snack kitchen on the middle floor as well. There are five shower rooms and a store on the top floor for suitcases.

Rents for 2024/2025 range from £153-£171 per week.

Front view of Pinchin Riley House, a three storey building overlooking a gravel drive and front garden with a large mature tree

Storey's Way: Whittingehame Lodge & Whittingehame Cottage

There are 12 rooms in the Whittingehame Lodge over three floors, with a laundry area, large kitchen and sitting room for residents, opening onto the garden. There are no en-suite rooms but there are 3 shower rooms and 3 bath rooms and 2 separate WC’s.

Attached to Whittingehame Lodge is a small self-contained house called Whittingehame Cottage, with three bedrooms, a small sitting room, kitchen and downstairs bathroom. The bedrooms each have a washbasin.

Rents in 2024/2025 range from £153-£171 per week.

Whittinghame Cottage, a 2 storey house attached to Whittinghame Lodge

Storey's Way: 36a & 36b

36a has 5 student rooms, a kitchen, a dining room with a door onto the garden and a shared shower room with separate WC.

Joined with 36a, 36b was created from an old coach house and has 6 student rooms, a shared garden, and a shared kitchen and bathroom.

In 2024/2025, rents range from £108-£153, with one ensuite room at £204.

A small brick 2 storey house set in a garden with trees

Storey's Way: 36c, Boyd House, Wallace House

36c, Boyd House and Wallace House are some of our newest accommodation and are all very similar.

36c has 10 rooms, all ensuite with double beds, with large kitchen and communal areas. Rent for rooms in 36c is £209 per week.

Boyd House includes 10 rooms, and 4 studio flats. Wallace House includes 10 rooms, and 1 studio flat. Rent ranges from £217 for rooms to £241 for studio flats, per week.




Exterior view of Wallace House and Boyd House. Outside the buildings a paved ramp leads up towards the entrance. There is a garden bordered by a low wall.

Churchill Road: Sheppard Flats

Located opposite the Wolfson Flats and next to the playing fields, these four flats house three students each, with a generous sitting room and kitchen and private external terraces. Heating from central boilers is included in the rent. The Sheppard flats were the first building designed by Richard Sheppard for the founding of the College and were built in 1961.

Rents for 2024/2025 range from £153-£204 per week.

Churchill Road: Wolfson Flats

Wolfson flats include 20 top-floor studio flats, and 20 two-bedroom maisonettes (ground and first floor).  There is a community room and a laundry for residents and in the middle of the building is a communal garden/playground.

Priority for the maisonettes goes to students with families. Studio flats are prioritised for those living with partners.

Our studio flats are not suitable for families because of size and access. Rents for 2024/25 for the Wolfson flats are £241 per week and include hot water and network. Please note that there is no lift access.

Maisonettes are generally only suitable for couples with up to two children. Additional adults may not be accommodated in them. The second bedroom has a single bed supplied as standard. If required, on request, two single beds can be supplied which can be placed end to end. Cots may be provided subject to availability. Rents for Wolfson maisonettes in 2024/25 are £315 per week and include hot water and network. Please note that there is no lift access.

There are also 5 studio flats in Wallace and Boyd Houses.

The flats and maisonettes all have a fridge, freezer and cooker and are stocked with utensils, crockery, cutlery, pillows and a duvet. Linen and towels are not provided but are required.  Occupants are responsible for their own cleaning. Pets are not allowed under any circumstances.

Please note that students are not permitted to bring cars to Cambridge without authorisation from their tutor and, in some cases, the University Motor Proctor.

Households where occupants include non-student partners, may be liable to pay council tax.

Single parent families: Postgraduate single parents who are finding the rent for a Wolfson maisonette financially difficult should talk to their tutor about applying for a hardship grant from the College to help alleviate any financial pressure. All applications will be considered individually, and there is no absolute scale of proposed assistance, though the College anticipates, where appropriate, making hardship grants to cover 25%-50% of the rent concerned.

Churchill Road: Bondi House, Broers House and Hawthorne House

Bondi House, Broers House and Hawthorne House were built in 2000–01 and designed by a former Churchill College student. Each has 10 ensuite bedrooms, a laundry room and a large kitchen/sitting room. All have fitted wardrobes and a shower/WC room.

Rents for 2024/25 are £204-£217 per week.

An exterior view of Bondi House. On the upper two floors of this three storey building the walls are slightly curved and are covered in red tiles. There is a large square window in the centre of the building where the stairwell is.

Outer Houses

There are five houses off-site reserved for Postgraduate students.

49 Oxford Road and 53 Oxford Road are terraced houses about half a mile from College. 49 Oxford Road has one en-suite bedroom and four rooms which share a shower room and WC. 53 Oxford Road has one shared shower room, a separate WC, and a sitting room. Rent for 2024/2025 is £136-£153 per week.

13 Priory Street houses five students and has a garden and a large communal kitchen with conservatory/garden room.  There is one shower room with a toilet on the ground floor and one bathroom on first floor. Rent for 2024/2025 is £136-£153 per week.

11 Halifax Road is a detached house with a garden. There  are four student rooms with a shared kitchen, sitting/dining room, a bathroom and shower room. Rent for 2024/2025 is £108-£153 per week.

25 Rock Road is around three miles from College and a quarter of a mile from the Addenbrookes Hospital site. It houses eight students and has two shared bathrooms and two separate WCs. There is a shared kitchen and sitting room and washing machine. Rent for 2024/2025 is £108-153 per week. 25 Rock Road is prioritised for clinical medical students and scientists doing research on the Addenbrookes biosciences campus.

Collage of 53 Oxford Road. On the left is an exterior view of the front of the two storey house. Outside the front door there is a paved area where wheelie bins are stored. On the right is a photo of the kitchen, with washing machine, sink, kettle. There are drawers and cupboards underneath the counter top, and there is a boiler on the wall.

Male and female student in the kitchen of postgraduate accommodation. They are both working on their laptops.

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Male and female student in the kitchen of postgraduate accommodation. They are both working on their laptops.

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Male and female student in the kitchen of postgraduate accommodation. They are both working on their laptops.

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