Engineering Community at Churchill

Engineering has been an integral part of Churchill College since it was founded, with a strong track record in innovation and excellence.

Churchill College’s Engineering community actively embraces Engineering as a way to find solutions to contemporary challenges. For us, Engineering is more than just theoretical exercises or practical outcomes. It’s about sharing learning, having fun, and making connections, discoveries and friends.

Churchill College has one of the highest numbers of Engineering Fellows of any of the Cambridge Colleges, an active student body, and an engaging Outreach programme designed to foster interest in Engineering as a subject from an early age. We’re conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from the University’s centres for geotechnical engineering, turbomachinery, electronics and photonics, and communications.

We offer many opportunities to get involved and become part of our community – whether you’re a local business seeking expertise, a student seeking projects to get involved with, a school wanting to share more about Engineering opportunities, or just social events to get together and meet like-minded Engineers.