ACCEL: Academy for Churchill College Enterprise and Leadership


Applications are open for ACCEL, the Academy for Churchill College Enterprise and Leadership. This is a fantastic leadership development opportunity for engineering undergraduate and postgraduate students.

ACCEL addresses the UK skills gap in engineering. The programme supplements the outstanding technical knowledge from your course with opportunity to practice and build the skills, confidence and aptitude to become leaders of tomorrow and make a positive impact in research and industry.

ACCEL is run in partnership with the Møller Institute executive education provider. They have over 30 years experience delivering programmes like this with UK and international groups ranging from industry to many of the world’s senior leaders. So, if you’ve ever wondered what happens in the buildings by the side of the playing fields, this is your chance to find out first hand! 

Want to get involved or find out more?

Apply here – Google form

  1. Workshop 1: on 6/11/23, 4:00-5:30 pm is open to all. this one is themed on problem solving. Sign up for workshop 1 using the same google form (takes 30 seconds). There is an option to just select this session to find out what it is like before applying to the whole programme! If this session is oversubscribed, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  2.  Apply by Sun 12/11/23, 23:59 pm Fill in the application Google form (takes 5-10 mins to apply)
  3. Selection of 16 participants will take place by 15/11/23 and all applicants informed

Any questions, contact:

Eligibility and why get involved?

This year is the first year this programme is running and there are 16 places available. Applications are open to: 

  • Undergraduate engineers and chemical engineers (2nd and 3rd years)
  • Engineering postgraduate students (2nd or 3rd years)

If you’re an undergraduate:  You might be looking to boost your skill set, get better at managing coursework, or thinking about next steps and applying for internships, or not sure what your goals are and want a bit of direction – this is for you!

If you’re a postgraduate: This is a great time to think a bit outside of your PhD project and what your next steps might be. This is a great way to make connections, build skills and explore your interests.

Programme Outline & Commitment

6 Workshops:

Each on a different aspect of leadership development. Workshops are at the Møller Institute and led by their experienced team.


You will be matched with a mentor with industry experience. Mentoring will be flexible, to suit your and your mentors schedules. We expect that this will be mainly online, unless mentors are Cambridge based.

Extended project

Throughout the programme, you will be supported by your mentor to plan and complete an extended project to make a positive impact. This is an opportunity to put your new skills to use and explore something you are interested in outside of your course academic requirements.

These projects can take a range of approaches and may include internships, community, design and research projects. If you are an undergraduate, these will necessarily be completed in summer 2024. For postgraduates, this timeline is more flexible. Through ACCEL there will be project funding opportunities available to apply for.

Online Presence

Those participating will have the opportunity to share their profile/project via the college website. This is a marker of your participation and will be an asset, strengthening future job applications.

Celebration event

This will take place just before the start of Michaelmas 2024. Students and Mentors are invited to celebrate their achievements and showcase experiences from the summer.

Looking forwards

There will be opportunities for ongoing engagement with the ACCEL community the following academic year. This will be light touch and include seminars, networking and celebrations.

Workshops and Events

These run fortnightly on Monday afternoons 4:00-5:30 pm through Michaelmas and Lent.

Those selected for the programme must have a commitment to participate in all 6 workshops and the celebration event.

Date Time Event Location
6/11/23 4:00-5:30 pm Workshop 1 Study Centre Suite 3
20/11/23 4:00-5:30 pm Workshop 2 Study Centre Suite 5 (note change!)
22/1/24 4:00-5:30 pm Workshop 3 Study Centre Suite 3
5/2/24 4:00-5:30 pm Workshop 4 Study Centre Suite 3
19/2/24 4:00-5:30 pm Workshop 5 Study Centre Suite 3
4/3/24 4:00-5:30 pm Workshop 6 Study Centre Suite 3
9/10/24 Afternoon and evening Celebration event Showcase of projects in JC Hall

Dinner in FDR

Monday 4:00-5:30 has been selected to minimise clashes for 1B and IIA engineering (Mich timetable):

    • 1B – no labs/lectures this afternoon. Please discuss with your DoS/Supervisors
    • IIA – Known clash: Semiconductor Engineering
    • If you are doing Business Economics, Organisational Behaviour or Marketing, please still apply. We know the changeover between sessions is tight and will accommodate.
    • Postgraduate engineers – you are expected to communicate with your supervisors to organise your own schedules if you wish to apply.

If there are drastic changes to the Lent timetable for 1B and Part 2 Engineering the timing of these sessions may be adjusted to accommodate.