Congratulations to all our new Freshers!

Offer-holders with a confirmed place at Churchill should now have received an email giving details about arrival arrangements. This email is reproduced below. You can also take a look at our Arrivals Information page.

Arrivals Information

 Arriving in College Email, 21/08/2020

“Dear Churchill Fresher

We are delighted that you will be joining us at Churchill next academic year.  We will be in touch a number of times over the next few weeks to provide you with actions to complete and provide further information. Please make sure that you check this email address at least once a day to make sure that you provide us with any information we need as soon as possible.

This email is to ask for your preferences regarding:

  1.      The College room that we will allocate to you.
  2.      When you wish to arrive in College

We also wish to give you an overview of the measures we have put in place to minimise the risk and transmission of coronavirus. 

1)      College room

Please complete the room survey form (link below) indicating your preferred room requirements.  It is important to note that we only have 20 ensuite rooms available for a cohort of nearly 150 new undergraduates, so please bear this in mind when indicating your room requirements.  If you have a medical condition, please all indicate this on the form:

2)      Arriving in College

The College have agreed that a staggered arrival will be required to minimise the risk of transmission of coronavirus.   As most international students will be required to quarantine we strongly encourage international students (including EU) to arrive between 11th – 25th September and UK students to arrive between 25th September – 4th October

All Students must please complete the arrival form to let us know your preferred arrival date and time by 31st August at the latest, via this form:

Once the deadline has passed we will contact you (by email) to provide further details about your arrival and confirm the date and time.

If you are required to quarantine when you arrive in the UK, Churchill College is able to provide en-suite rooms on the college site for students to quarantine. We will deliver food to your room and the porters lodge will provide 24/7 telephone support (+44 1223 336000) should you fall ill or need assistance for any reason.  The 14 days quarantine will be charged at your term time room rate and food will be charged at £10 per day for 3 meals (1 hot and 2 cold). The arrival form that you have been asked to complete requests that you include dietary requirements (which can include, I don’t like chicken or I can’t eat pork etc…). 

3)      Minimising risk & transmission of coronavirus

Attached to this email are two documents that explain the current guidelines and measures that are in place in the College and University to minimise the risk and transmission of coronavirus. 

  • If you are arriving from abroad it is very important that you read carefully both of these documents now.
  • If you are arriving from the UK it is very important that you read the guidance for resident students now.

You will see within these documents references to “your College website”.  In due course we will be emailing you with your “Virtual freshers’ pack” this will include a list of things for you to do – most of which you will be able to do whether you have already arrived in Cambridge or are yet to travel.  Included in this pack will be the up to date information about College guidelines, communal spaces, households etc. along with some FAQs.

University guidelines are constantly being updated in line with government guidance and you should bookmark and always refer to the following pages

All students (staff and fellows) will be asked to comply with this guidance, and any subsequent updates to it, along with the community statement (  Please ensure that you have read and understood the information in the community statement and the attached documents.


We are working hard in college to modify our communal areas and facilities to enable you to have the best possible student experience that we can next term while minimising the risk to all of our community – this will be contingent on ALL students following this guidance and respecting our community, staff, students and fellows. 


With best wishes