The College has several coin-operated washing machines and dryers located in

  • North Court — Staircase 5
  • East Court — Staircase 42
  • South Court — Staircase 47
  • Cowan Court basement
  • Sheppard Flats (hostel and Sheppard Flat residents)
  • Wolfson Flats (for flat residents only)


Machines are currently being adopted for mobile payment. The equipment is owned and maintained by Circuit Group Ltd.

Machine Availability

During peak times there can be considerable demand on the laundries. You can check which machines are in use and how long before they will have completed the cycle online. You can also be set up an email alert when a machine is ready or a cycle is complete.

Laundry View

Report a faulty machine

Main College machines

Please report any faults to Contact Circuit: T: 0800 092 4068 or 01422 820040 (mobiles)

Report a fault online 

If the problem cannot be solved by the telephone call, please also advise the Porters’ Lodge so that they can ensure it is followed up.

Hostel or Flat machines

If there is a fault in one of the hostel machines, please report it via the College website.

Dry Cleaning

The Housekeeping Department also offers a dry-cleaning service. Cleaning left by Monday is returned on Thursday each week.

The Department is open between 7.30am and 5pm.