Who to talk to for support

You can ask for help from anywhere. You can see your tutor, the Senior Tutor, the Tutorial Office, or you can go and talk to the Porters. The great thing about the Porters is that they’re 24/7, so at any point during the day or the night you’ve got somebody to talk to.

Louise Ranger, Wellbeing Coordinator, Churchill College


The front of College at sunrise. There are Christmas trees on either side of the entrance, and the building is reflected in the pond.

Churchill College is a welcoming and supportive community. As an undergraduate or a postgraduate student here, you will have a strong support network of fellow students and College staff.

Starting University or joining a new College can feel like a steep learning curve. Here, you can find out about the people and support available to provide pastoral support for you – if you’re needing support with mental or physical health and wellbeing; if you need help with finance; or if you are worried about a friend.

Don’t worry if you ask the “wrong” person – no-one will mind pointing you in the right direction. And there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

If you are currently in a crisis or an emergency and don’t know who to talk to the Porters’ Lodge is open 24 hours a day: drop in or call 01223 336000. Other external crisis support can be found at the bottom of this page.


  • Great to talk to about: anything to do with your welfare and progress. 

All students are given a tutor. Tutors are concerned with your welfare and progress throughout your time at the Churchill. Academic problems are primarily the responsibility of your research supervisor or Director of Studies, but these matters can also be discussed with your college tutor.

From advice on anything from rules and regulations, financial problems or personal matters don’t hesitate to contact your tutor, either by turning up at one of their regular tutorial times or by making an appointment. All discussions will be entirely confidential.


Wellbeing Coordinator

  • Great to talk to about: psychological wellbeing

Churchill College has a dedicated Wellbeing Co-ordinator for students. Louise Ranger, provides 1:1 Confidential support and advice to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students for matters relating to psychological wellbeing. Your tutor may refer you to the College Wellbeing Coordinator but you can also contact Louise directly.

Wellbeing Coordinator

College Counsellors

  • Great to talk to about: personal issues
  • (including abuse, anxiety, bereavement, depression, eating disorders, family difficulties, identity, procrastination, racism, relationships or social concerns, self-harm, settling in, sexual harassment, sexuality, stress and suicidal feelings.

You can talk to a College Counsellor about any personal issue that is troubling you. You are entitled to six free sessions per year, and a further six at a subsidised rate of £20 per session.  This provision resets each Michaelmas term.  If you are in financial adversity and there is a requirement for further free sessions, then please talk to the Wellbeing Coordinator.

More about counselling


College Nurse

  • Great to talk to about: minor health ailments and injuries.

We have a College Nurse, who works from the College Surgery. The Nurse is available for all students, staff, visiting fellows and conference delegates. Out of term, the surgery will be open on reduced hours. Please book an appointment online.

The College Nurse can refer you to other agencies: counsellor, GP, dentist, Accident & Emergency, sexual health clinic or a mental health assessor.

College Nurse


Tutorial Office / Postgraduate Office

  • Great to talk to about: personal or academic welfare

The Tutorial Office is located on the Admin corridor, up the stairs opposite the Porters’ Lodge. They can help undergraduates with any queries or concerns, or signpost you to the right people. The Postgraduate Office can help postgraduates with queries, and their office is a little further down on the right past the Porters’ Lodge.  The Tutorial Office is responsible for the personal and academic welfare of all undergraduates at Churchill. Its role is similar to what is often called the ‘Student Support Office’ in schools and at other universities.

Tutorial Office

Postgraduate Office


JCR / MCR Welfare Officers

  • Great to talk to about: any worries. 

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the term for the undergraduate student body, and for the shared space in which they meet. The MCR (Middle Common Room) is the equivalent for postgraduates. Both  the MCR and JCR Committee have several welfare officers, some focused on specialist areas such Disabilities Welfare or Mental Health Welfare. They are available to listen and chat about any worries you have or problems you may be experiencing no matter how big or small.

JCR Committee      MCR Committee 



  • Great to talk to about: any questions you have about College, or just for a chat.

There is always someone in the Porters’ Lodge, 24/7. All Porters are first aid trained, and are a great source of knowledge. They also have lots of experience of homesick students. They are always happy to have a chat, any time.

Porters Lodge