Banking information for Freshers

It is essential to set up a UK bank account for your time at Churchill as soon as possible after you arrive.

Please note, we cannot recommend any particular bank.

If you require a letter confirming your student status for your application, please contact the Tutorial Office (for Undergraduates) or the Postgraduate Office, and they will be happy to provide this.  Please provide them with the name of the bank with which you wish to open an account.

Once you are in Cambridge, all payments for accommodation, catering and other charges will be made by direct debit from your UK bank account. A direct debit mandate  form will be sent to you for completion and return to the Students Accounts Office. Tuition fees should be paid by bank transfer or you may with to use TransferMate if paying Tuition fees from a non-UK bank account.

About TransferMate

The College bank account details for electronic transfer can be obtained from the Finance Department by emailing:

Please also ensure you read the Finances section in the Student Handbook, to make sure you are fully aware of process and procedures which apply to you.