Wellbeing Coordinator

The Wellbeing Coordinator, Louise Ranger, provides 1:1 Confidential support and advice to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students for matters relating to psychological wellbeing.  You may be referred to Louise via a member of staff (such as your Tutor), and you can also self-refer.

Once in contact, Louise will arrange a meeting to discuss current difficulties you may be facing, answer general questions and address any other concerns you may have.  After this meeting you may be signposted to one or several of the options below. In addition to this, regular support from Louise will be provided if necessary:

  • Appropriate mental health support services, including College Counsellors, specialist Counsellor, the University Counselling Service, Mental Health Advisor or NHS therapy via your GP. Other therapy or crisis support if required.
  • The College Nurse or your GP where physical symptoms need to be managed and/or investigated.
  • The Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre for advice on academic support mechanisms, such as implementing a Student Support Document to include reasonable adjustment for exams (ie. extra time), mentors, study aids etc.
  • Self-help resources involving tools for management of anxiety/low mood; self-care; mindfulness; problem solving tools; and nature-based practices.
  • Other appropriate referrals such as to the Senior Tutor, Finance Tutor, Study Skills Tutor, Tutorial or Postgraduate Office, Librarian, Chaplaincy, JCR/MCR etc

Appointments can be up to 30 mins and are usually held in person in College.  Online appointments can be arranged if out of term for Undergraduate students, or Postgraduate students who are working away or live out. Times for appointments are usually within office hours (9.30am to 4.30pm) and some early or late appointments are available. Louise will endeavour to respond to e-mails within two working days.

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Louise usually monitors emails Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.  If the appointment is urgent, please put URGENT in the message title.