Music Scholarships and Bursaries

Churchill College offers numerous scholarships and bursaries to talented musicians in all styles both through the University-wide choral, organ, and instrumental schemes and through its own internal scheme.

For more information about these scholarships and bursaries, please contact the Director of Music

Director of Music

Choral Scholarships

Up to four Choral Scholarships will be awarded this year. They run for the academic year (October to June) and are funded jointly by the College and the Chapel Trust, with Choral Scholars expected to perform a leadership role within the Inter Alios Choir and may be required to take a role on one of the committees. Each Scholarship provides an honorarium of £100, paid directly to the holder, plus £150 for singing lessons.

Auditions will be held in Michaelmas Term. Applicants will be asked to present a short solo performance, some exercises to establish vocal range and demonstrate tone, and to sing a short passage (not technically difficult) at sight.


Applications for this sizarship have now closed. Please check back in October 2022 for the 2023 application process.

Music Bursaries

Music Bursaries provide up to £250 for students to pursue private instrumental or vocal lessons and for minor costs associated with practising and performing (such as transport, printed music, spare reeds and so on). Music Bursaries are held for the calendar year. Holders of these awards must perform in at least one Music Society or Orchestra on the Hill concert during the year. They will also be required to take a role on at least one of those committees. Examples of the associated duties include assisting with the concert set-up and publicity.

Auditions will be held in Michaelmas Term. Candidates should present a piece of their own choice lasting no longer than five minutes, providing their own accompanist if one is required.


Applications for this bursary have now closed. Please check back in October 2022 for the 2023 application process.


Accompanist Bursary

This important post comes with an honorarium of up to £250 and runs for the calendar year. The Accompanist Bursar is an advanced pianist with excellent sight-reading skills who may be called upon to accompany the college choirs and solo performers at rehearsals and in concerts throughout the year.

Auditions are held in Michaelmas Term. Candidates will be asked to sight-read a passage of choral accompaniment on two staves and perform a short solo piece.


Applications for this bursary have now closed. Please check back in October 2022 for the 2023 application process.

Music Sizarship

The Music Sizar oversees and promotes musical activities in the College and liaises with the Director of Music to arrange concerts. The Sizar organises and chairs meetings of the Music Society Committee and is the point of contact for members of the College wanting to use the Music Centre’s facilities. The Sizar has no formal responsibilities for Chapel music but may nevertheless wish to contribute to it in collaboration with the Organ Scholar (who is elected via the central University scheme). The Music Sizarship comes with an honorarium of £250 and may be held in addition to other music bursaries. The post runs for the calendar year.

Candidates for the Music Sizarship will be interviewed by the Senior Tutor, Director of Music and Director of Studies for Music Auditions in Michaelmas Term.


Applications for this bursary have now closed. Please check back in October 2022 for the 2023 application process.


Organ Scholarship

Thanks to the generous response of College members, alumni and friends to the Chapel’s 40th Anniversary Appeal, the Chapel Trust is able to offer endowed Organ Scholarships through the University’s centralised scheme. The Scholarships are named after two of the earliest supporters of the Chapel and its musical life: Elizabeth Cockcroft, late wife of the College’s first Master, and Professor Anthony Kelly, Founding Fellow and distinguished Materials Scientist. Please consult the University’s Organ Scholarship pages for information on applying.

The current Organ Scholars are:

Alice Ertl and Pip Knight


The Organ Scholars work with the Director of Music in the running of the Inter Alios Choir, and providing additional organ playing for services in the Chapel at Churchill, in consultation with the Chaplain. There is one service each week, held on Sunday evenings, which employs a variety of liturgies through the term, including Choral Evensong. The Chapel itself has no Director of Music, but musical advice and assistance are readily available from the College’s Director of Music.

The Organ Scholars are encouraged to take a leadership role in the music making of the wider college community, collaborating with the Music Sizar (see above) and to liaising with the Director of Music.

Each Organ Scholar receives an annual bursary of £450 with up to a further £250 towards music lessons. College rooms with an upright or a digital piano are set aside for the Organ Scholars. Once per term, the Chapel Trustees host the Inter Alios Choir and the Organ Scholars for dinner at High Table.

Like all members of College, Organ Scholars have access to Churchill’s Music Centre, which houses a Steinway grand piano (model B) and a French two-manual harpsichord, which was built for the College by David Rubio in 1983 and is regarded as one of the finest in Cambridge.


Prospective candidates interested in applying for an Organ Scholarship are very welcome to contact the Chairman of the Chapel Trustees.

Email the Chairman of the Chapel Trustees