Before you arrive, you should always communicate with us using the email address you included in your application documentation, or by the address you update to your University applicant Self-Service or CamSIS record. Please ensure that that information is correct before you arrive and throughout your time in Cambridge; it is a University requirement that your full contact information is up-to-date at all times. Once you are in Cambridge you will be allocated a University email address which should be used for all correspondence with the College and the University.

You must bring your passport to the College in order to be registered when you arrive (UK students can bring a driving licence), and all  students must bring the originals of the documents uploaded with their application with them (degree certificates, transcripts etc.) as these may be required by the University to confirm registration as a student.

In addition to the College’s registration processes, all students must complete the University’s student registration. You will receive an email inviting you to complete the process from the University, usually a few weeks before term begins. The invitation email will provide details of the closing date for registration. You must complete the process before the closing date..

You must register with a local doctor (called a “GP” or “General Practitioner”) when you arrive in Cambridge and complete the medical form required by the College Nurse. Please see the Health and Wellbeing section below for information about these.

If you have come to Cambridge from outside the UK, it is essential that you are familiar with and comply with your visa responsibilities. Please check the University International Student Office’s  website for information on collecting your Biometric Residence Permit.


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