GP Registration and Medical Forms

As a full-time student you are eligible to use the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain. It is a University rule that all students will be required to register with a local doctor within the first two weeks of term.

Guide to the NHS for International Students

When you arrive in Cambridge, you must register with a local doctors’ surgery. You may register slightly in advance of your arrival (using Churchill College as your home address), but you must only do this once you have met all the conditions of your offer (academic, financial, etc.) and your place is guaranteed.

Once you have done so, please record your doctor’s details in your personal tile in your CamSIS Student Self Service Account –

How to add your doctor to CamSIS 

Being registered here in Cambridge will not preclude you from seeing your GP when you are at home (this can be done by completing a temporary resident’s form). Cambridge GPs have experience dealing with students, and working with the University and Colleges. You will need GP registration in case of illness in the lead up to, or during your examinations and if you need special exam arrangements or allowances to be made.

If you have other questions about registering with a doctor, visit our Healthcare FAQs page.

Of the medical practices listed below, Huntingdon Road Surgery is nearest to Churchill. We recommend that you register with your doctor online where possible.

For postgraduate students who do not live on the college site, please visit the NHS website to find a suitable GP practice:

NHS Find a GP


List of nearby medical practices

Huntingdon Road Surgery

Phone: 01223 364127

1 Huntingdon Road

Huntingdon Road Surgery 

For Available GPs, see: Huntingdon Road Team.

Please see also Huntingdon Road Surgey’s information pages for Students.

You can register with Huntingdon Road Surgery online:

Register with Huntingdon Road Surgery

Huntingdon Road Surgery encourages all students to register online as soon as they can.

Overseas students can register online as soon as they arrive in the UK.


Bridge Street Medical Centre

Phone: 01223 652671

2 All Saints Passage

Bridge Street Medical Centre

For available GPs, see: Bridge Street Team

You can request a registration pack for Bridge Street Medical Practice online.

Bridge Street: Join the Practice

New Student Medical Information Form

We ask you to fill in a self-report form with details of your medical history. The information that you give will, of course, be confidential and the form will be retained by the College Nurse for consultation as required. Please complete this form 2 weeks before coming to Cambridge.

The information is very important in helping us to ensure that a student’s academic work suffers as little as possible from disability or ill-health. Even apparently minor problems can affect both term-time work and examination performance, and it is naturally in your best interest that the information you supply is accurate.

Please fill-in the online pre-arrival form only after your place has been confirmed. Please rest assured that security measures are in place to ensure that any information entered on this form will remain confidential.

The form can be found here:

Medical Information Form


Important to bring with you from home

The College Nurse strongly advises you to bring a digital thermometer and paracetamol from home.


Useful Medical Information For Students

College Nurse and Surgery

Vaccine Advice and Information

University Information on Health and Wellbeing



For all medical enquiries relating to incoming students contact the College Nurse.

College Nurse