Welcome to Churchill College!

Postgraduate students have been a core part of the College’s life and activities from its earliest foundation. When you join the College, you are joining a diverse and distinguished community of scholars from around the world. Please check these pages for New Postgraduate Students (sometimes called “Freshers” in Cambridge) and please ask us if anything is unclear. Some of the information will relate to last-year’s cohort, it will be updated when new arrangements are in place. In the meantime, it will be helpful to familiarise yourself with the pattern of life in the College.

When you arrive you will be assigned an individual Tutor, who can provide guidance on sources of support and managing your academic career. The Postgraduate Administrators, Rebecca Sawalmeh and Lily Hunter, are available in the Postgraduate Office during usual office hours to answer queries and help support your academic progress. You can email them on postgrad@chu.cam.ac.uk.

All students must take care to read the “Pink Book” (student handbook for Postgraduates), and the University’s International Students Pre-arrival Guide will be valuable to all those travelling to the UK from other countries.

If you are planning to come to Cambridge with a partner and/or children, please don’t miss the Families page.

Please let us know your planned arrival date and time in Cambridge as soon as you know it, and at least 14 days before you arrive. We need to make sure everything is ready and that your planned date is possible. You can find out about how to get to the College on the Transport and Parking page. Please download this handy checklist and calendar of events.

You have worked very hard to get here, and we look forward to welcoming you in person and helping you on your pathway to great outcomes from your studies!


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