Choosing the right degree course for you is perhaps the most important part of any university admissions process.

Churchill offers entry to all Cambridge undergraduate degrees, except Land Economy and Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion.

Course-specific information, including the University’s typical offers and the attainment level of the University’s typical entrants, is available by selecting your course from the University’s Course List then looking at the Entry Requirements tab. Academic offer conditions can vary by College so if you want to apply to Churchill then check out our entries in the downloadable by-College entry requirements pdf that’s available on the same tab. The University’s Entrance Requirements and International Entry Requirements webpages may contain guidance relevant to you too.

We’re often asked how many students apply and are admitted to Churchill each year, both by course and to the College overall. As a rule of thumb, if we offer a course then we’d ideally like to admit at least one undergraduate to it per year – though this isn’t always possible, especially in small subjects. If you want to know more, there’s an interactive graph generator which shows these and other data on the University’s Application Statistics webpage. To be clear, knowing these data doesn’t confer any advantage in Cambridge admissions process, for the reasons explained on that page – namely the University’s pooling system of applicant moderation.

Undergraduate applications