Healthcare FAQs

Common questions about healthcare are below; if you have any non-urgent questions which are not covered here, please contact the Postgraduate office or the Tutorial office. If you’re in crisis or have an urgent question, please contact the Porters Lodge, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: tel 01223 36000.

Please note all new students must complete a Medical Disclosure form, and be registered with a doctor in Cambridge.

Health Insurance

Will I have free health insurance in the UK as a student?

I am an international student and my partner will be joining me - do they need health insurance?

Using the NHS in Cambridge

Do I have to register with a doctor? What if I am already registered elsewhere?

I'm an international student and haven't used the NHS before - what do I do?

Do I need an NHS number to register? How do I find it, and what if I don't have one?

What is free from the doctor and what do I have to pay for?

What do I do if I have an accident, or require emergency treatment?

When I arrive in College, I would like to see a specialist doctor. How do I go about this?

Does the NHS cover me in other countries?


What immunisations will I need to get before coming to the UK?

I am over 25 and have not taken the Meningitis ACWY vaccination. Should I take it before coming to the College?

I am a returning student and have not taken the Meningitis ACWY vaccination. Can I still get it from my GP?

Medical Disclosure

What do I need to disclose to the College?

Should I disclose disabilities or mental health difficulties?