Guide to accessibility at Churchill College

The College welcomes all visitors with disabilities, whether they are students, staff, conference delegates or archive visitors.

We are fortunate that Churchill College is reasonably accessible, but we strive to maintain and improve accessibility wherever possible.

You may have been in touch with us already to plan your visit to Churchill, whether it is for an extended period or just for a day or two. The appropriate department in the College will be happy to work with you to provide further information and to discuss any individual arrangements and adaptations that might need to be made, and which feasibly can be made.

The Churchill College site is generally level and accessible, with ramps to most areas, including the main entrance. The site is large, however, and the music centre recital room and some of the graduate student accommodation are a fair distance from the main entrance and Porters’ Lodge. The chapel at Churchill College is at the rear of the site, over 600 metres from the main entrance.

Plans which provide information about access to the College buildings, including accessible lifts and toilet facilities, are available from the links below.

The College’s meeting rooms and public areas are all accessible via ramps.

Churchill Ground Floor plan

Churchill First Floor plan     

Churchill Conference Centre (Wolfson Hall) plan

There are four dedicated disabled parking spaces available for the use of visitors and members of the College with disabilities. Additional parking spaces can also be reserved.

More detailed information about specific areas of the College, plus a general overview of accessibility, is available from the Disability Resource Centre website. For general enquiries about accessibility, please contact the Estates and Operations Director.

Email the Estates and Operations Director