Outreach, access and widening participation

At Churchill, we want to ensure that academically strong students who could thrive here have access to the best information about making competitive applications, regardless of their backgrounds. Widening participation is in our DNA, with – to quote a couple of stats – a home fees state intake that’s routinely above 75% and overall female:male parity at point of entry (an important equality measure for a college that comprises a high proportion of sciences students).

We welcome contact from students, teachers, and supporters at all secondary schools and colleges, especially those in our University-assigned link areas.


Meet our Outreach Team

Natalie Abbott – Widening Participation Officer

Natalie works in the Admissions Office, heading up the College’s work in outreach and widening participation. She’s regularly out and about visiting schools and colleges, working in person with students and their supporters. She also runs online resources like webinars and Q&As, to demystify university admissions and the Cambridge process in particular.

Contact Natalie if you’re at a Churchill area link school/college and want to organise a group visit to or from Churchill.

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Open days and visits


Rachel Thorley – Community, Outreach, Recruitment in Engineering (CORE) Fellow

Rachel builds links within and across the Engineering community at Churchill and helps prospective students to understand what Engineering is and is about. You can find out more on the Engineering community page.

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Engineering community


Dr Rachel Thorley CORE Fellow

Webinars and online Q&A sessions

Dates and times for our regular free online live presentations and question and answer sessions can be found here. These variously feature our Admissions Tutors, access and outreach team, and current undergraduates.

Everyone’s welcome. Sign up below to receive attendance details for upcoming sessions.

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Admissions Q&AAllMonday 9th October17:00-18:00
Interview Workshop: STEM SubjectsYear 13 (England & Wales) S6 (Scotland) Year 14 (Northern Ireland)Tuesday 17th October17:00-18:00
Interview Workshop: AHSS SubjectsYear 13 (England & Wales) S6 (Scotland) Year 14 (Northern Ireland)Tuesday 24th October17:00-18:00

Note that we sometimes offer sessions on the same topic at different times because we know that no one time suits everybody. The content in such repeated sessions is the same so there’s no need to attend more than one, unless you want to.

Please note that our online sessions are not recorded by us and they should not be recorded or distributed by you (or anyone else).


School and college link areas

Churchill’s link areas in England are Sussex, Surrey, and the London boroughs of Merton, Sutton and Croydon. We are also the link area College for Mid- and South-Wales, and are the proud co-authors of the University’s Applying to Cambridge from Wales webpage.

We especially welcome contact from students, teachers, and supporters at all secondary schools and colleges in these link areas. However, we are – of course – open to all inquirers.

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