Exams Information

University exams for undergraduates usually take place during Easter Term (April to June each year).

Some subjects have preliminary exams which do not count towards an Honours Degree but will indicate your progress. Tripos exams do count towards your Honours Degree.

Enrolling for your Exams

This occurs in the Michaelmas Term each year. You must make your exam entries yourself through CamSIS (University of Cambridge online Student Information System), once instructed by email to do so by the Tutorial Office.

Exam enrolments need to be done by you and your DoS by the first Tuesday in November. Some Triposes are “bulk enrolled” which means that the University enrols subjects in which there are no paper choices necessary. Your DoS will be able to advise you if any action is required from you.

The following Tripos entries are handled differently:

  1. Engineering Tripos Parts IIA and IIB (managed in the Department)
  2. Natural Sciences Tripos Astrophysics Part III (managed by the Department)
  3. Natural Scientists – you are asked to enrol only in the subject placeholder for each of your options. Therefore NST0 should enrol for four subjects and NST1 for three (not NST1, you will still see the individual papers but please only enrol for your three chosen subjects).
  4. Mathematical Tripos Part III and M.A.S.T. (managed by the Department)
  5. MML students, and any others, on a year abroad (Part II MML oral exam entries are made via the Tutorial Office in Easter Term)
  6. Clinical Medics & Vets (entered via the relevant departments and/or Student Registry)
Your entry will not be registered by the University until your DoS has approved it. The Tutorial Office will monitor this to ensure that entries are all submitted by the relevant deadlines so please make your entries by the agreed dates.
All the papers available in your Tripos will be visible to you once you reach the online enrolment page. Before making your entries, please ensure that you know which papers you will be sitting. Consult your DoS if you are unsure.
Please note that the option Taking the examination ‘Not for Honours’ or by special leave only applies to a very few students (e.g. 1 year exchange students).

Changing your Exam Papers (after enrolment)

Changes can be processed until you verify your exam entry in the Lent Term. If you wish to change your choice of papers after you have enrolled then you must speak to your DoS immediately. If your DoS approves the change then you must contact the Tutorial Office by email and the change will be processed for you. Once the verification deadline has passed, no further changes can be made.

Verifying your Exams Enrolment

In Lent Term you will receive an email from the Tutorial Office asking you to check and verify your exam entry. Verification is carried out via CamSIS self-service. Please note there will be a verification deadline after which no changes can be made to your exam entry – the deadline will be included in the email from the Tutorial Office.

If you have any queries or are unsure of what to do, in the first instance talk to your DoS.  If they are unable to advise, please contact the Tutorial Office.

Email Tutorial Office