Undergraduate Study at Churchill

We are an academic community devoted to excellence in learning, scholarship, and research. Every year, we admit the very best students from across the globe and provide them with a world-class education, challenging them to achieve their full potential.

Regularly ranking amongst the top Cambridge colleges in exam results and with over 30 Nobel Prize winners amongst our Fellowship, Churchill has the very strongest intellectual reputation.

The College’s founders emphasised the study of science and technology. However, they recognised the advantages of a diverse academic community too. Consequently, Churchill offers most of the undergraduate courses that are available at Cambridge. Whilst we retain a focus on science subjects, we are a large college, and students in the arts and humanities are as numerous here as they are in many other Cambridge colleges.

In addition to providing world-class teaching and academic support, we help students reach their full potential by providing an environment in which they can focus on their studies without unnecessary interruption or worry. Our large campus enables us to offer unrivalled accommodation, dining, sporting, and social facilities, while an active student body and calendar of college events afford social and academic opportunities to meet new people and make lasting friendships.

We take a careful, holistic approach to admissions and actively encourage applications from people from a great diversity of backgrounds.

If you are among the very ablest and highest-achieving students in your school or college, you are likely to be a serious candidate, and we strongly urge you to consider applying.

Our Community in Numbers

We’re frequently asked about the backgrounds and profile of our students, so here are some recent key data.

Entry Year20202021
Fee StatusHome74%80%
UK School TypeMaintained77%80%
Contextual DataFree school meals6%8%
IMD Q1&217%15%
POLAR4 Q1&216%13%

These percentages are for the undergraduates we admitted each October, correct as of the end of the preceding August (when the previous UCAS cycle formally end). Gender and fee status are given as percentages of total entrants. UK school type and contextual data are given as percentages of entrants with home fee status.


Schools and Colleges Liaison

Churchill wants to receive applications from the ablest students, irrespective of the background they come from. We work closely with schools and colleges to reach out to such applicants and ensure they get the best possible information about our offering and our admissions process.

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