Fees and Costs | Undergraduates

If you want to study at Cambridge, there are three main costs you need to think about — tuition fees, living costs, and College charges.

Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Cambridge University tuition fees are the same as most other universities in England. Living costs are often cheaper because undergraduates are usually only in residence – and only pay rent – during our University terms; a total of 30 weeks per year.

You can find out more on the University’s relevant pages:

Tuition Fees Living Costs

Please note that international students and home students undertaking a second undergraduate degree are required to pay an extra College Fee. This is not to be confused with College charges, explained below, which are paid by everyone. For details about College Fees, if these are potentially relevant to you, see the “Undergraduate Tuition Fees” documents on the University’s Tuition Fees webpage.

College Charges

At Churchill, College charges are billed monthly, with the exception of rent which is billed termly in advance. These cover your rent (if you live on-site) and any additional charges you incur such as your meal purchases, printing, and electricity.


Your rent includes central heating, internet access in your room, wireless internet around College, and use of catering services and other facilities on-site (the gym, for example). Each room is banded and rents in the academic year 2022-23 range from £137.60 to £230.70 a week. Rents are determined annually, in agreement between College and student representatives.

Rent is normally payable for just 30 weeks, which covers the periods of residence dates set by the College. Rent is paid termly, in advance, at the beginning of each term.

Termly rent is normally made for a minimum of 10 weeks. If you accept a room in College, you will be liable for rent for the whole academic year. This does not include vacation periods, which are outside the 30-week periods of residence. During vacation periods and subject to availability, it may be possible for you to remain at Churchill, though not necessarily in the same room you have during term-time.

Membership Bond

Every student at Churchill is required to pay a Membership Bond of £250. This will be returned at the end of your studies, as a refund against your final bill.

Additional Charges

Other College charges include:

  • Food purchased in the Dining Hall and Buttery
  • Electricity (not heating) used in your room
  • Competitive room contents insurance (£13.22 per annum in the academic year 2022-23) against theft of belongings from your room
  • Printing charges

Every two weeks during term, you will be sent an email with a breakdown of the food and drink you have purchased in College using your University card, so you can keep track of your spending.

Financial Assistance

The University and its colleges are committed to the principle that no suitably-qualified UK student should be deterred by their financial circumstances from applying to Cambridge. There’s more information on our financial support webpages, both for applicants and current students.